A Wish for every Mother

It is asking a bit much, to thank a mother for all she does, in just one day. A good mother deserves respect all year round.  Still, it is good to take the time to consider your mother; whether she is right next to you, another state away, or has gone from your life,  and feel her in your heart, to cherish, forever.

It is also a great time, if you are a Mother, to appreciate your children, all that they have become , and to take pride in this. This is the very best gift for Mother’s Day. It is the best gift in life, for me.

For those of you young mothers, I am here to tell you it gets easier, and more precious each day.  For those of you hoping to be mothers, you have such a lot to look forward too.  And for those of you who can not be a mother, or choose not to be, I am sure you are sharing your love in a meaningful way.  Sharing love is what matters most.

Happy MOTHERS DAY!!   XX, Elle

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