Enter the Lace Palazzo Pant

The long sweep of trouser leg, the openwork of lace, the breezy cropped peasant blouse,  gathering in gauzy billows at the wrists. Add to it, the smell of pine in the air. What could be better? Enter the loungy Palazzo Pant.

The peasant blouse is vintage. Before BOHO was BOHO, and girls wore “hippie clothes” and tie-dye they made themselves. I added a sweet floral bag in lieu of the, shall-we- say, ubiquitous, flower crown.

Hubbie graciously took a few snaps on my LG phone camera. No make up today, not a stitch. Well, okay, a swipe of Lancome’s Juicy Tubes in Pure. Hmm. Looks like I could have done with a bit of rouge.

I am in a hurry. I have some place to be. My lounge chair. The sun is out and it is warmish. Just warm enough to sit outside and get some sun on my cold shoulders. Not enough to turn them bronze. Never that.

I am in my front yard.  I am so happy to be out this weekend. The sun is not out yet, but it is peeking at me, tomorrow it shall be here. But today there are glimpses ( not enough light for better resolution, sorry, but no mid day shadows either). Just the hint of sun is enough.

The pretty lacey openwork of the palazzo pants. My toenails in the same shade of bisque.

Shop the Look

Hat. Vintage from Ava’s & Around Again. Similar here from J.Crew.

Palazzo Pants, by Fashion On Earth, via Around Again, still availble, and also here in white.

Peasant blouse, vintage via Around Again. Similar here.

My floral bag was a gift from a dear friend, made by Banana Republic. Gucci did similar abgs this season, but they are so pricey. I like this one from Etsy.

What do you think of the loungy Palazzo pant? Are you also a fan? Let me know!

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