Spring is the BOMB !

The snow is behind us and I am happy to the core , that spring is truly here. Still, cool mornings and evenings, require some layering, and isn’t that what we fashionistas do best? I will start with some 3 season standards: Pleather or leather culottes, leather bomber, striped tee, messenger bag.

My perforated shoes are the giveaway that the warm temps are truly here. Despite the platform sandals, and the fact that I am standing on a bench, I am still standing on tip-toes! ( I am not in denial about my teeny tiny size, she says, lacking any conviction what-so-ever)!

And yes, I am standing in a bus stop where well mannered people sit and stare at their I phones. Did I use some anti-bacterial wipes to clean ,where my feet have been, after the shoot?  Well that is for me to know, and you to ponder.

This particular day I had been a bit uptown, and then later, to the Upper East Side. Are you my Uber, I think? How many darn black suburbans are there In Manhattan, I wonder. Alot. So so many! A UUGE number. I know because I am expert, and therefore do not have to consult any other experts, because the number is (H) UGE.  ( sorry, too much TV)

A glimpse of my light-weight, height enhancers! ( some call them shoes)  Love the studs. A rare shot when someone is not in my space. Normally legions of passerbys are joining me in my photos. But my photographer is patient! Thanks Geraldo!

It is bright, so I added my old reliables.  ( by that I mean my vintage Gucci sunnies, what did you think I was referring to?) My leather bomber jacket is off, I mean business now. The serious and happy business of Spring.

See my stripes! Spring!

See my smile. Spring!

I look a bit stiff, like a mannequin in a senior citizens shop, ( does AARP do retail?)  tilted a bit by an addled shopper. Okay, I will hop back down to the street now.  I have had enough fun for now.

My bomber is back on, but my scarf, so neatly tied in a bow, is now askew. That is okay, I like how it looks in the breeze. Spring is all about the breezes, and not caring if your perfectly tied bow becomes un-knotted, right? ( I think that is right, but maybe there is a panel of experts I should consult, maybe there is a recent poll…)

Now the shopping bag rests. ( I have a thing for Lavender and purple Bergdorf’s bags) I know you want to know what is inside. And you will. Soon, after the caucus meets, and I get a expert opinion on when is the best time to announce such matters of such weight and import.

For those of you not following the US political circus, I apologize about my thinly veiled attempts at snark. Call it a coping mechanism.

Outfit details- Pleather culottes Zara, striped tee from CrewCuts. circa 2011, if memory serves. Vintage Gucci sunnies can be found on Ebay. You can refer back to this post for the link on the shoes. The paisley scarf was a gift from a friend. The leather bomber is by Knoles and Carter, also older. See the links below for additional shopping ideas.

You can take this look into summer by choosing culottes in cotton, and later to shorts. Swap the silk scarf for a cotton bandana. Keep the stripes though, it is not summer with out them!


XX, Elle                           @theellediariesnyc




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