Manhattan Edge

So we have made to mid week! Is anybody out there as bone tired as I am? Maybe it is the lack of sleep last weekend, one precious hour, or the bump up in social life due to the longer days, but I am feeling overextended. The city lights seem too bright.

I had a quiet weekend at the beach on Long Island. Maybe it is just the contrast. Perhaps it is the news of a gunshot a few days ago in mid-day, very nearby, where I run most of my errands. Maybe it is the news of another suicide, another soul leaping out a window at the nearby Four Seasons, was this yesterday? Scary things are happening, everywhere it seems.

Seriously, I read the news. I know there is a lot going on. But the gunshot near me has me spooked.

Not just for me, but how it bodes for the city, in the wake of reduced funds for homeless shelters. I live a safe and privileged life, by most standards, but no one is safe.

No thinking person is untroubled.

So as I write this relatively trivial post, what I was wearing and why, it seems mindless. But maybe that is good. Paying too much attention to to the what ifs, and what is next, is a path to troubled blues. I am a light soul in general… so let me tell you about my outfit. K?

I layered. The warm temps dropped to high forties, from a high last week of 76. I wore James Jeans distressed denim, with my new embellished heeled boots. An old Chanel-like sweater, down to the zipper detail trim, and a soft- as- air cami.

This was later in the day, towards evening, and the city was bustling. This photo near my building has enough blank surfaces that you can discern my tweed, frayed denims, the flash of zipper and metal chain, and the rich overlap of details. I bought this beaded scarf for next winter, but wore it on a whim. I was glad I did, as the wind was stirring. Here is a close-up shot of the sweater that kept me warm, and my patchwork bag.

Above are details of the bottom half, but what I like most are the lights behind me, dusk meeting twilight and the flash of neons to punctuate the grey-black haze. The next shot, has me just a few steps away near the corner. Busy people everywhere, going places.

I hope they are going someplace good. I hope they get there safely. Now I am heading home to to get dinner ready for my husband. (did you notice the work cook was not mentioned?)
 I think I will not watch, or listen to, any news. Maybe I will go up to the roof garden and get some city snaps. The perspective up there, is better.

From up there the jostling of limbs and engines may seems like a blur, and how small the people will look.  People will seem smaller, and less vulnerable. Then I can remember all of the good things about this day.


Outfit Details: James Jeans via LVIS in East Hampton, or similar here. Fringed cardi by P. LUCA via Workshop is sold out. Similar here . My Patchwork bag from Fox’s is sold out, similar here. Suede booties with embellished heel sold out, similar here and here. My sunnies are vintage Gucci, similar here.


Have a great day!   XX, Elle

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