True. Bone. Rock. Rag.

I thought I would start this post with a riddle. What, on earth, is the meaning behind my blog post title? Ah, you will see soon. I am happy to say that I managed to get to the beach on a warm March day.

I am probably the only person outside who is so actively avoiding the sun. I do sit outdoors in the late afternoon , with sunscreen, but it is a sunny day, and the sun is at its strongest. So All of my photos will show me in the shade, Please forgive the grey tones!

I chose an easy Boho look for this warm and breezy day. My beaded and tie-dyed tunic was a bargain that I picked up for $12.00 last year, in a small shop on the way to the flower district. I paired it with a macrame trimmed bomber jacket . I was thrilled to get to a sandy spot with no one around, but hubby and a few trilling birds.

I found the perfect place to rest and lounge in the shade for a bit. is there such a thing as shade bathing? Perhaps not, but for me, today, YES!

I may be in a shaded spot, but the air is warm and the breeze is perfect. Ahhhh.  🙂 Not much to do but watch my skirt blow in the wind, and listen to my hubby asking questions about camera angles. Thanks Hubby for photos today!

My straw and leather bag holds only some sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and some notes from Macy’s furniture department. I am helping my my daughter decorate her new co-op. We have the perfect leather chair in mind for her living room! I can review in on the beach. Or not….

Come to think of it, I have a lot to do. So I will leave you with this little bit of beach for you to start your week, ( and for me to remind myself of how beautiful nature is!)

Have a great week ahead!

I hope your week was equally splendid. Are you a sun worshiper? Do you watch how much sun you get, too? I hope you are not as diligent as I am. ( I am high risk for skin cancer) I hope the sun is out and that your mood, too, is sunny!

Outfit Details:  perforated platform sandals via Zulily.com. Pendant via KC Signatures.com.  Tunic dress, By True Rock , via midtown boutique, similar here,  & macrame trimmed bomber jacket: Rag and Bone. ( True Rock+ Rag and Bone) . Seemed just a little bit of editing was all I needed for my post title. 😉

XX, Elle

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