Warbrobe Without Walls

Happy Weekend Friends. The photos that are featured today were taken many days ago, before the steamy, hot mess of summer rolled in. I chose my outfit with the usual abandon, going for a summer mix of sun yellow, and textures of lace, knitted appliqué, and smooth studs on my strappy shoes.

I am hoping that the florals, sunny lace, racing stripes and disco ball bag look harmonious to you, rather than haphazard. At the very least you won’t find this outfit boring. nor will you find it on another breathing soul if you lived to be eons old.

I know, I know,  haven’t seen a bag like this for decades.

I am having fun with it.

It looks as though it may take flight any minute. I sure hope it takes me with it!

Do you notice how crowded it is in my neighborhood?  That is one of the many great attributes of city living, it frees one to wear what one choose.  NO uniform here! ( although it is true, New Yorkers do wear a lot of black and white, and they look chic in it.) And yes,  WHOOPS, I closed my eyes, but I did not drop the ball!

Come to think of it this bag is rather mesmerizing.

OH NO, there is a lace cladded zombie loose in the neighborhood, and she is NOT wearing Black, something must be done at once.… I kid you.

Seriously though, I managed in my own way to pile on the trends. I promise it was unintentional. Appliquè is trending, and I am a fan, as I am of any hand worked details. ( Is is still being done by hand, I am doubting this as I write this)  Is there anything NOT being done by machines?

Yellow, is popular this season, and I just saw yellow lace in Bloomingdale’s window, and I wanted a yellow lace dress at Bergdorf Goodman.  WANTED IT,  I TELL YOU! Thank heavens it was not my size, because it was not in my budget. I got this skirt, last year, at Bloomingdales, it is by Aqua. Racing stripes are also trending. The jury is out on disco bags, but it seems that for bags, any type of novelty is popular, and YOU know how I LOVE my bags!

So what say you? DO you have floral fever, too. Are appliquéd knits, dresses and accessories calling your name. How about racing stripes. Disco balls anyone? The beauty of being my age is that I just wear what I like. I do a have a thing for Gucci and Alexander McQueen this season, but it will be an unrequited affair. ( except for the skirt in the girls department, I have been eyeing! ) To see what the fuss is about, check out AllieNYC’s post of McQueen’s pre- fall. SWOON.

Outfit Details

-Cropped top by Without Walls, via Urban Outfitters, similar here, and on sale here !

-Yellow lace skirt, Aqua ,via Bloomingdales last year, similar here and here . and this is the skirt I loved in Bloomingdale’s window.

-Applquéd sweater, Cake via STA,- sold out but you can shop online now!- similar here in cashmere like mine, and with the florals both front and back, and here.

~My shoes were from Poshmark! Similar here.

My metal disco ball type bag, is sold out, but similar (sorry pricey) here !

Your comments make my day !