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Electric Eclectic : City Style in Red !

Hello Loves. I hope this week is off to a good sunny, start. I am featuring an electric red outfit today in a true tomato red. The full skirt, with pockets, and a modest ruffle trim is such a girly girl’s dream, and the black soutache embroidery adds some drama.  (Yes there is crinoline underneath.) Thus, the simple stripe tee . 

Ah, but you know me well. You know I did not stop at the simple, striped tee. I added platform sandals In an Asian floral,  recently purchased at They are sold out,  but a cute flat version is available . A simple necklace of large baroque pearls and topaz stations is wrapped around twice, so it may look like I am wearing a choker, and another necklace.

 It is not, it is one piece from KC Signatures, my favorite local jeweler’s where each piece is handmade and one-of -a kind. Here is one  that is similar , with labradorite instead of pearls, but  very similar genuine topaz beads: feast on their Instagram page!  I then added a jeweled clutch with faux pearls,  in a pink metallic leather that was thrifted at LVIS In East Hampton for $5.  Below are good shots of the details. ( Finally , you say!)

 My skirt and tee were also purchased there, so my outfit was almost free!  I do not know who made the skirt;  it is either custom made, as the there are no tags, or when the skirt was tailored, as the waist is pretty tiny,  the label was lost. Either way, no maker label, but incredible quality and for $7,  I do not care who created it!  I am just glad it is mine to wear!

This is a seriously fun skirt. The kind that makes you think about your upcoming 59th birthday and say Pffff! 🙂

And a quick glance down to my comfy platforms in this brocade floral,  that reminds me of slippers and trips to Hong Kong, ( Okay, okay.. I have not been there, buy hubby goes often and brings me back things like this!) Well he used to– but  he travels less often, and one day I do hope to go. Suzanne , a favorite blogger, went and she had fun !

I tried to re-create this look on Polyvore, and did so in two different price points. It was hard to come up with a similar skirt. Any full skirt with texture or a bold print will do. It is always fun, and quintessentially summer,  to add stripes.  Below a photo of those looks:

A shot of the shopping links, which you can also find by going to my page.


Red skirt, hyacinth pink toes-  and summer in July, is off with a BANG !

How is your July?  Is your summer skittering by as fast as pizza rats on a hot, city street ? Or is that a Me problem ?

I know it is quite hot in certain places, so please stay cool friends,  and LMK your thoughts below!

Your comments make my day !