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Trending Pink Colors: A Rose by any other Name

Blushing? Perhaps because the trending pink colors are so lush and spring friendly. In lieu of true blooms,  we wear these shades with joy.  Be it Pink Lavender, Spring Crocus, or Blooming Dahlia – rosey hues are happily ubiquitous.

Stepping out in pink, I am cloaked in a A-lined jacquarded coat, made in Italy by Giles. Blue daisy earrings and rose-colored glasses- YES! At least the sun is shining!

Trending Pink Colors

This winter was so long this year and the blossoms are still blanched in bud, waiting and waiting still. Landscapes by now are usually awash with golden forsythia and vibrant daffodils. Not this year.  Bare branches stand in dreary formations against a welcoming but lonely blue sky.

Manhattan flower beds look like this. Pity the blooms that fight the snow. Strike that. Envy them and follow suit.

pansies in snow

White tulle is the perfect icy foil for this season’s trending pink colors.


pearl trimmed slides

Trending Pink Colors are not just for ladies.

Girls are donning pink of course;  so too, are teens, tweens, and femme fatale. But lets welcome the men to this trend. Check out GQ  and the men sporting Millennial Pink and other trending Rose Hues.

Ever the girly girl, I am even wearing cameo with this ladylike look. And always a savvy lady, I am wearing all up-cycled pieces, but  for my skirt, which was  bought locally.

Millennial Pink coat

I took refuge this Easter with indoor flowers, since springtime blooms were nowhere to be found.

indoor flowers

 flowers and sterling silver candelabra

I will do a full shopping post on the best buys in these trending pink colors. But for now take note of these two beauties below. Coat here, by the same designer as the coat I feature here,  and  soutache lace dress here. I also wear this rose shade in a bouclé coat featured here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So dear readers, are you sporting these hues? If you are like me, you wear PINK when you are FEELING BLUE!  Gosh, it has been a LONG WINTER!

Let me know your thoughts , YOU KNOW HOW!  XOXO Elle

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36 thoughts on “Trending Pink Colors: A Rose by any other Name

  1. Your ensemble is perfectly spring, Elle! Fabulous accessorizing, including those wonderful mules and that vintage purse. I need to get some pink on…what a good idea!

  2. The coat is super gorgeous! I always turn to pinks,baby blues and creams for my spring summer wardrobe. I love the flamingo coat too.
    Laurie xx

  3. Elle , you look so charming in this lovely pink coat , so very lady like. Your skirt , vintage bag and gorgeous mules are perfect. I do hope Spring makes an appearance for you soon and those flowers are in full bloom.

    1. I can see you in pink…if you wear it with black. Lol .
      Seriously, you look fabulous in any color!
      ❤️ Elle

  4. How beautiful this coat is, pink is my favourite colour! Thanks for sharing, i’d love you to join me on a Thursday for #chiandstylish #linkup Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  5. The coat is so beautiful…. it is a good thing I am not there with you as I would be drooling all over it (ah yuck… what an image..).
    Pink is not my colour but I did buy pink sandals. With high heels (sturdy ones). Now I just need the knee to mend haha. Anything pink not near my face is good for me.

  6. You look EXQUISITE! That’s the word. You leave me speechless, dearest Elle. Such a beautiful and subtle combination, with gorgeous details and richness of textures. Just perfection! <3

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