Curated Winter Coat Collection/ Coated!

A curated winter coat collection is the most effective style tool , perfect for the cooler months .

colorful coat

I love my coats; in faux fur, wool bouclé, tweeds, leopards, plaids and every imaginable combination. If you wear a good coat, your look is instantly elevated.

Above a I wear a coral bouclé coat, made in France for children ! The pinkish-coral is the happiest shade to wear, especially in the winter months.

Below, I am wearing a similar coat, by the same designer, in a red crushed velvet. You may remember the post from two months ago.

fashion blogger wears red coat

Over the years,  a curated coat collection is easy to accomplish. Look for quality, and a color or texture that you love. Don’t be shy or reticent about wearing color. Color is a mood elevator in the dreary winter months, and a fun style statement.

Below I am wearing a faux fur coat in celery green. I have been admiring this ribbon-detailed coat from upscales stores like J.Mendel,  for almost a decade. I bought it at H&M and you know I seldom buy from fast- fashion outlets! I am wearing it with  another favorite bag, the Mark Cross “Grace” bag, also bought at resale.

 green faux fur coat

I  bought this leopard coat a H&M that I wore to an event by Diamond Runway. I bought two coats that day! I am wearing it over a colorful dress by Philip Lim , a favorite designer. I am wearing it with my Hermés Kelly bag, a generous gift from my sister,  after I was diagnosed with my autoimmune disease. It didn’t cure me, but it did lift my spirits.  LOL ! My dress is second-hand, and was bought as new , with the tags still on!

Fashion Blogger mixed prints

I am a huge fan of the camel coat, in pure wool or cashmere. If I had to choose my favorite coat of all time, it would be one of my camel coats. They are classic and so easy to update with a modern bag, or scarf. Below is my favorite. The photo is about two years old.

best camel coat

I bought my black velvet coat, a gorgeous ruffled number from an upscale  resale store.  This shop has a curated winter coat collection that is mind-bending!!

 You should shop Encore whenever you get to NYC.  I wore my velvet coat recently at the Holiday House Decor show, over a simple white lace dress and leopard boots.

top NYC blogger

If you are a fan of tweed, don’t forget to shop children’s stores. This coat is from the Children’s department by Gucci. It is a classic . I bought it at pre-sale!

Gucci tweed coat

Below I am wearing a faux fur coat I bought downtown at Broadway Markets, a great place to shop small and local. It is lightweight and adds a luxurious edge to any outfit, even denim.

curated winter coat collection

Lightweight tweed coats,  with a touch of metallic,  can be timeless too. This one I am wearing is fifteen years old! I still think it looks fresh. My curated winter coat collection would not be complete without this fab find! I know it is worn for early autumn here, but layered well it is wonderful for winter.

festive dresses for New Years Eve

What is your favorite clothing item? Are you a coat person too? We all have our favorite items! What is yours?

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40 thoughts on “Curated Winter Coat Collection/ Coated!

  1. The best thing about a good coat is that it you could be wearing your slouchy pj’s underneath and no one would know! (trousers tucked into knee length boots!)I’ve actually done this! But getting onto camel. I’m looking into investing into a good camel coat.

  2. You have a wonderful collection, Elle! I am very taken with your pink boucle coat and the red crushed velvet – and I totally agree about colour in the dreary months. It does lift your spirits! I have a bigger coat collection now than I ever have, but you do have to seek out the classics. I hope you are doing well, my dear.

    1. It is funny that you say that, as both are made for children. But I do like them as well. And I am quite impressed with your coat collection as well.
      I am well, sweet friend!
      Hoping that you are too. 💋

  3. Wow! I always have a hard time finding a stunning, comfortable and warm winter coat! You don t seem to have a problem with that! I especially love the Leopard and the camel one!

  4. This is wonderful! It is too funny since I was writing a post on some of my coat collection last night too. I need to finish it off yet.

    Love that leopard coat but your whole collection is wonderful.


  5. Coats are such an essential part of my winter wardrobe too – when I go out, oftentimes it’s the only part of my outfit anyone will see that day. I would love to have a full wardrobe just full of coats but, alas, they take up too much space. Thanks for this overview. You have too many gorgeous ones for me to pick a favourite.

  6. You have a lovely collection of coats. I am into coats myself as well. And bright colours. But my closet is now full. I ordered that fun green (leopard) coat by H&M after I saw you wearing it, but it didn’t really suit me. Plus, I wanted it as an indoors jacket instead of a coat, which was impossible.
    I agree that coats in a lovely colour brighten up the streets and elovate your outfit.
    PS never heard of a colour like celery green. Looks pink to me.

    1. The leopard coat is most definitely not an indoor coat. I love color in the bleak months. I also appreciate your collection, as well. It is beige, I guess, with green undertones. But I always see the undertones.
      I am glad it looks pink, I would love it in that color!

  7. Elle, your coat collection is absolutely fantastic! I can’t decide which one of your coat collection is my favourite as I love them all! Like you I’m definitely a coat person and honestly, my collection is growing and growing but I need them all 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. You are a true inspiration, my dear Elle! You are inventive not only in ways you create outfits, but also where you find your fabulous clothes and accessories…which is just about everywhere! 🙂 It is impossible to pick just one favorite from your collection, they all are gorgeous and each one is unique. But I must say my heart skips a bit every time I see the black velvet coat – it’s just a masterpiece!

    I also love coats, no surprise there, but I think my all-time favorite item is a dress. I think I want to have them all. OK, not all – a carefully curated collection, as you put it, would be enough. But in every color for sure! 🙂

    Lots of love!

    1. Yes, and I adore your winter coat collection also. I think we both have similar tastes and sensibilities. I am very grateful to have the black coat. Looking forward to your next blog post.

  9. Elle, I absolutely adore every coat you are wearing! The fabrics are all beautiful and do give any outfit an elevated elegant look. I have a camel coat and love the lapels on yours. The faux fur is luscious! Since I live in NC we don’t have the need for a lot of winter coats, but if i lived in the northeast, I would certainly add more , as i do love a great coat. My favorite is my pink Boden I wear, but did just buy a lighter weight structured wool coat in teal-blue green Ill wear tomorrow’s post. Always lovely my friend!
    jess xx

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