Bold Fashion in Dark Times


Ok Fashionistas: we are all struggling with this. How can we justify the time that we spend on relatively trivial subjects, such as fashion, in a world that seems bent on its utter devastation?

Simple! Okay, not:

Nothing is simple , but it is important to embrace BEAUTY and ART when times seem dark.  Focus your eyes at the light at the end of the tunnel. 


Little did I know the the very next day I would only want to wear black.

 I was simply looking for a comfy sofa , a place where guests can sleep in a small city space.  Bloomingdale’s has good furniture, it did not disappoint- and I was happy to buy a shimmering pink blusher and a reusable water bottle- as the donations supported breast cancer.

Below; No One Fights Alone.

I don’t always, read- SELDOM- shop big, commercial type  stores- you know this about me.  But this was a valuable endeavor and I bought where the proceeds went generously for this cause. I did need a cool, reusable, water bottle and I have always looked good with a pink blusher- Thanks Bobbi Brown!

Below, I am in the store, sporting my Gucci-ish “angry cat” sweater , and thinking of living room layouts- leather verses tweed? L shaped or straight lines?  You know- the weighty issues of our times. 

I know my sweater reads Gucci. It is not. I can not personally justify that expense now. I feel like money would be better spent going to causes and not my own bountiful closets. I got it at I love this flashsale site as it tends to include small companies that are not well known. I also bought my high waisted denim there, and last year as well,  these buckled booties, that are so comfortable to wear.

Details- below:

Today, I would wear this again. But today, it would be void of color.

It is just how I feel. I imagine you feel the same.  Anyway, for those of you up for the great distraction, here is a shopping collage made through  Polyvore. If you are a fan of Gucci, Kenzo, or angry cats, this is for you.

Wising you Peace, Joy, Shelter and Perspective, and of course,  Love from NYC!


19 thoughts on “Bold Fashion in Dark Times

  1. The more I get to “know” you, the more I’m learning that you’re such a generous and caring person. That’s wonderful that you’ve shopped to support such an important cause for us women. That sweater look so cute on you, I love the way you’ve styled it! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



  2. Love this fabulous look and that you supported a good cause while shopping.
    Well done love your new site!
    Xo, Linda

    1. Thank you Linda!
      Yes, I ended up being a couple of nice brings for that reason.
      My site is still a work in progress!
      Happy week!
      Xoox, Elle

  3. I tried my best to comment here yesterday and it didn’t work – I even wrote to Allie to know whether she could contact you to see what was happening here. I am so glad it is working today, though with a sad heart for what happened in Las Vegas, you are so right. Nevertheless, you are supporting a great cause and I like it. For 2 years I have been supporting that. this year I still haven’t “connected” on the blog, but I will. I love this post, it is so important to be aware of Breast Cancer. Loved your top and boots, the new blog layout and the opening quote is perfect! Hope you have a nice weekend, dear Elle, the world needs more people like you! Hugs!

    1. Thank you for all of your efforts to reach me. I changed platforms and that turned out to be a 3 day process back to WordPress!
      Las Vegas was such a tragedy. I hope this country can see it way forward to some reasonable legislation on gun control.
      I do believe all of our lives have been touched by cancer, so I support research effforts and charities whenever I can,
      The world needs many more of you ,

  4. I love the colourful jumper – it is very Gucci, but great it’s more affordable! 🙂

    It’s nice when your shopping can support other causes – I’ve been thinking more about that lately. Shopping les (after my 7 months without shopping) was a good start, but I’m wondering what to do next.

    It’s a tricky subject, the balance between “keeping on” as well as honouring those we have lost and dealing with the emotions events like this cause. The way I see it, blogs are my little escapism every day. Sometimes I’m just escaping the nappies and toddler related messes, sometimes there are bigger issues I just want to avoid thinking about for a while. There’s no right or wrong way to blog in these situations, just the same as there is no right or wrong way to process such events. We all react differently.

    Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Hello Mica!
      Yes, it does have Gucci vibes, and I love because this flash sale site include many small labels, one way to support small business on line, other than eBay and Etsy.
      You are so right, there is so much pain in the world and so many distractions , some real- some artifice. Everything toddler related is very real ! Lol!
      You are correct- so many diffferent way so processs, we must find a way that feels authentic for us, and a ways that allows us to move forward!
      Much love, Elle

  5. my thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their families. It’s so horrible and I really cannot understand the reason why these things happen 🙁

    I really love your flair for picking out great buys at good and reasonable prices.

    1. Thank you Angel!
      It is difficult to know the complex reasons these events are happening. So disheartening.
      I hope that my readers abroad understand that our president, In most cases, does not reflect the thoughts, will and hearts of the people.
      Thanks for that last compliment.
      Happy week ahead! I hope you are feeling better!
      Xoxo, Elle

  6. It’s devastating what is happening around the world, my prayers go to everyone suffering 😔

    I used to be obsessed with Polyvore a few years ago! You look fabulous hun!

  7. Elle,
    Congratulations to your wonderful new blog site! And your look is absolutely perfect, too! It is good you wore it and you will wear it again – also you wanted only to wear black on this horrible day. May God bless the souls.
    And it was also laudable you bought this beautiful bottle even for a good purpose!
    Have a happy start into the new week!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thanks dear Rena! My site still needs work, but now that you have visited, it is much better. Love to you from NYC ! ❤️❤️🌺🌺

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