My Gucci Look at Fashion Week

Hello, I hope you are well!  You have seen some photos of what I wore for NYFW on Instagram, but I wanted to take a moment to share this look.

At the MIMI TRAN show, here, I composed ( without really aiming for it)  a Gucci like outfit that is eclectic and fun to wear, My skirt, bought two years ago, is a silk skirt with velvet appliques, so similar to a Gucci skirt from this fall. The knitted bomber is Gucci, from the Children’s department at Bergdorf Goodman.

Holding my place at the show was my new- to me- bag. I think I took this shot.

A closer took below:

I wore a simple blouse with lacey sleeves, and had them peek out to add some femininity to the sporty striped sleeves. Chanel fingerless gloves added a bit of edge. I found the best bag for this event!

Sometimes the best bag for an event, is actually two bags!

My red Mark Cross bag, via Ebay, was worn close to my body, messenger style. It contained my my cash, credit cards, and a few other necessary items. In my gold satin, boxy bag, bought on the Real Real , I put my camera phone, and lipstick; things I wanted to have easy access too. Although Geraldo took the photos, I love take a few shots of my own.

After the show ( there were four actually!) Gerardo,  I and a Lily, a lovely artist who was seated next to me, all went out for a late bite. Champagne an scrambled eggs, anyone?

After our meal, Lily took selfies, and Gerardo took this shot. You can see someone needs to go home and go right to bed!

Thank you to Shelly for Hair and Make Up and Gerardo Vitale for photos!

Have a wonderful week, to my US friends, don’t forget to vote!

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