Mimi Tran & The “Colors of Life” #NYFW

On September 14th I had the pleasure to attend the most captivating fashion show by MIMI Tran. The Angel Orensanz Foundation was the perfect venue for the ‘Colors of LIfe’  Collection,  featuring both ready to wear, formal wear and a breathtaking bridal gown. This vibrant collection bloomed with reds, pinks and aquas ; colors inspired by her 13 tear old daughter.  . Of course, richly embellished black gowns were featured too, and this is my favorite, cropped to show off the magnificent detailing. ( photo- Gerardo Vitale )

Somewhere, inthis lush display of dresses, will be your GO- TO  for your next event, whether it is to prom or to the red carpet. This collection was presented by the Aids Healthcare Foundation, and the multi- media presentation that started the show was heart-warming and timely.

I will warn you know that this post will be image heavy.  Find a comfy chair.  I will start with Getty Images taken by Arun Nevader for Art Hearts Fashion. Later, I will feature images from the floor,  that while obstructed by other viewers ( who all seemed to be wearing hats!)  will give you a chance to see this show as I did. I hope you enjoy both perspectives.

I will begin with the two dressed that received the most Ooh’s and Ahhs!  The model really knew how to move,  and this bridal dress was dramatic and so romantic. Shots below by Arun Nevader for Getty.

This sweep and details of this dress had the crowd well pleased!

And now to the rest of the Fashion Show. You are sitting, right?

This little number also drew approval, perfect with the gladiator sandals.

The finale,  below. was meet with thunderous applause, and photos shows the full array of luscious color that was on display. Below,  Mimi is gracious with the the enthusiastic reception. She is gorgeous, too!  Credit to Arun Nevader for Getty Images .

Now a view from the seats near the runway! All photos by Gerardo Vitale for the Elle Diaries.

The Inside of the Foundation was magnificent, I was pleased that the setting would be a great backdrop for the incredible collection . Flash was not allowed, so these shots, will be darker. Below the lights are still on as the event is just about to begin.

The drama and sweep of the red gown!

The crowd loved this dress!

The Bridal dress, next year I will capture a piece like this on video! The way it moved! Swoon!

And now a quick #OOTD for my readers. I know it pales in comparison, but I was excited to be there, can you tell?

Also a thank you to the sponsors whose logos appear behind us, especially the good work of the Aids Healthcare FoundationArt Hearts Fashion. and Erik Rosete.

***  Please read more about MIMI Tran Here ! You will be glad you did!  ***

Have a safe, and wonderful week!  Wishing you peace and beauty!



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