Puff Puff // Lace Up

Sam had to go back to school, so we had a good-bye dinner in my neighborhood. We wanted to dress up, celebrate quietly, and enjoy the warm but windy day.

We wore an eclectic-luxe look.  Sam wears this Carolina Herrera dress, with a beaded neckline and full puff sleeves and Chanel finger-less gloves, a Barbara Bui metal mesh embellished bag, and a signed vintage bracelet from She wear these pieces as effortlessly as she did her skinny jeans and pussy bow blouse.

This is a high-low mix in terms of labels, my skirt was from Ava and Around Again, and cost about $60 dollars ( still available in limited sizes) but everything else is Designer and Couture ( second hand- mostly) !

I liked the exotic restaurant for a backdrop and it had many interesting textures, as backdrops, and yes, the food was delicious, fresh and well plated..

I wanted to do this post outdoors, but the wind was not cooperating with that notion. It blew my skirt into a sweep of lost pattern, and clung to me in an unflattering way. Still it was a happy struggle against the wind, and it was a fun little walk.

I wore my vintage Rena Lange vest backwards, as the lace-up look , was fun to add to the tile printed maxi skirt. I loved the mix of iridescent silk and velvet ribbon, too.  As well I like the orange tones mixed with navy.  Sam’s dress was a cooling contrast to my warm look. But I think our looks are cohesive. Our friendship is , as is our shared love of fashion. I will miss her!

Inside we tried two backgrounds. I look very stiff in the following shot, determined as I was,  not to blink at the flash! The natural rocks behind added an interesting texture.

I am loving all of the new, or perhaps NEW AGAIN sleeve treatments. The “Off the Shoulder”  look is an all time favorite, the “cold shoulder,” a trendy rift on the look, and the full, poet type sleeves are fabulous. For me,  the short puffed sleeve is an enduring favorite. I updated Sam’s look with finger-less Chanel gloves, and wedge sandals with jewels around her ankle. Finger-less leather gloves added a great edge to her otherwise Uber,  Lady like dress.

WE had a great night. Thanks to Gerardo Vitale for photos. This was taken a bit ago before the terrorist incidents. I will remember this night fondly!

Shop the Look

The Caroline Herrera puff-sleeve dressed is a bit older. Carolina Herrera is best known for dressing First Ladies from Jacqueline Onassis to Michelle Obama. A less expensive one here is sweet and priced right, but not by CH !  While shopping for Caroline Herrera items I did find this fabulous, and so on-point, military inspired jacket, ( almost like Givenchy this season). It is priced well , check it out here.  If it were smaller it would be MINE!

My Chanel gloves came from Designer Revival, in pristine ,unworn condition. If you want to buy new, here is a pair from CHANEL most similar to mine;  but have fun browsing them all!  From eBay there are some too: check these ! For a less expensive pair shop Karl Lagerfeld via Outnet here . These are gorgeous and priced so well, in olive green and studded as well, they come in under 60 USD and are in all sizes!  These too, are fun and are also from Karl Lagerfeld in the Choupette style, these via are priced right and trendy.

The tile print skirt can be purchased here. A similar lace up vest is pricey , by Haider Ackermann, but is gorgeous. The signed vintage bracelet that Sam is wearing is a fantastic piece and rare.  Purchasedat Tatiana via but no longer available, you will see many other Couture and outstanding pieces priced well ( for what they are- )  Enjoy!

Remember to mix and match, both style elements and price points!

Have a wonderful week,  be safe and stylish!  XOXOXO Elle

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