The New Normal

Recently I was climbing up the subway stairs and I heard sirens. They barely caught my attention, but as I emerged fully onto the street I saw a line of police cars and police stationed outside. I asked if something had just happened. No, one policeman answered, just more surveillance. For how long.? I asked. His shrug confirmed my suspicious.

Is this the New Normal? Yes, he said and nodded his head , then turned back to face his team.

I read the news late last night, from the New York Times:

“A powerful explosion caused by what the authorities believe was a homemade bomb injured at least 29 people on a crowded sidewalk in the bustling Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on Saturday night, according to the police.

A few hours later, the authorities found and removed what they described as a second explosive device four blocks away, raising the possibility that two bombs had been planted in the heart of the city.”


Yesterday on the Jersey shore, a device exploded as 5,000 runners were scheduled to participate in a 5K Marine race for charity. Late “sign ins” delayed the race, so no was was injured when a blast went off in a garbage can at 9:30 directly on the route of the race, in Seaside Park. Can you imagine the carnage that was spared.

Also last night, there was a shooting two blocks from my son’s house near his University.

I worry for my city, so densely populated. I worry for other cities, too, and the world around me. I worry about the mostly kind and peaceful citizens in this world, and hope that peace, and kindness can somehow be restored.

Yesterday I was at the beach and nary a soul was there. I felt safe, with my hubby, calm, and in the grace of Mother Nature’s lap.

I wish I could stay here. There is a foul wind of change i the air. I don’t like it a bit.


Back to fashion posts tomorrow, although I may not attend a fashion show that I was invited to, it depends on the city and what happens between now and then.

Sending Love and Peace to you my lovely readers.


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