#DIY Embellished Bags

Just in time for #NYFW, when we look at what we want to buy for the new season, and what we want to change up, one can not avoid the plethora of gorgeous embellished bags in the stores.  It is also hard not to notice the price tags.

What I did after an exhaustive search was to simply play with my own bags, and tassels I already owned.  ( yes, by my age I have collected quite a few)  I bought a key ring, took the “ring” part off, and slipped in on my bag, too. Think of the possibilities.

Now there are those of you who can paint, so I would urge you to do that! How gorgeous would a hand painted bag be, and it would be your own,  and one of a kind. If you can embroider, do something creative with a fabric bag, and perhaps add some appliques, some sequins, etc!

Unfortunately I am not that handy with my teeny tiny fingers. Here is what I was able to do with recently bought hair clips, one key chain, and other little things in my closet. Also, with the exception of the MCM coin purse, all of the “purse charms” cost less than 10 dollars.

The first is one you know . It is my Hermes Kelly dressed up with a single hair clip, securely attached to the fob. ( My sister got this bag for me as a gift when I was unwell years ago) I am better now!  Not just because of the bag…( more like a bag full of Prednisone and Methotrexate)

A keychain from a boutique near me , added to a messenger bag from Fox’s Designer Off Price. I also added it to a Kelly bag ( actually double-handled like the Hermes Birkin, with longer handles for the shoulder) bought at STA on Madison Avenue last year, made in Italy by La Finesse Model.

The same bag with a faux fur pom pom from H&M:

You saw my “Gucci Hack” recently. I wear it with and without the clip, but love to add the contrasting snakeskin fob., that came from another bag.

Below Is a peach crocodile bag with a big tassel, I love the playful look of the tassel with this fairly basic bag.

The next bag is a Burberry plaid that I bought at Michael’s Consignment on Madison Avenue. I simply added an MCM coin purse, which comes in very handy!

This is my favorite bag because the crocodile skin and hardware is so pristine, the golden hardware setting off the rich brown. It is also Not Hermes, but was made it Italy in what looks like the same type and quality of crocodile skin. Please understand these bags were all made by legitimate European companies with top notch materials and are not counterfeit. ( a practice that I do not condone, because of where the proceeds go to…)

I think this would have looked just a s good with a single clip, but wanted to show as many variations. I wore this recently and got tons of compliments, with one clip..

This next bag was fun to dress up. I love exotic skins ( I buy vintage, or if new, ethically sourced),  The texture adds so much. This was a recent purchase from Designer Revival in the UES of Manhattan. What a fun place to shop !

So these are some tips that I hope you can use or will think about trying. It is always good to use what you have first, before running out to buy the best and newest.  I also seek out what is rare and what I really love, not the most current “it” bag. 

Although I am still obsessed with Gucci bags this year!

What are your favorite BAGS THIS YEAR?  Which bag do you wear most often? I am always curious to know. Let me know in the comments section. Happy week ahead loves!


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