#WIWT -Army green + Skinnies + Hermès Kelly

How do you deal with the end of summer blues?  That’s easy. Wear your best blues, ( denim, of course) and add your most beloved layers, and handbag. Cinch the look with a belt, then step it up with some serious platforms, and you will skip your way to autumn.  Pinky swear. 🙂

Did I say skip? Sorry I got carried away a bit, but I seriously love fall clothing. I think every fashionista loves to layer. Above, I am wearing a double breasted trench style dress as a sleeveless vest. My corset style belt, well maybe equestrian/ industrial/corset style belt, by Dolce and Gabbana , gives this drab green layer a nice kick as well as a nice squeeze.

I could have just worn it as the dress that Calvin Klein designed, but it is fall and it has been windy, so my skinnies underneath was a functional and style decision. A great chunky heeled boot would have been perfect with this too, but this is my way of clinging to the last days of summer weather.

Oops my Kelly is backwards!  Must have been all of that happy skipping. And no, I am not meaning to give anyone an impudent finger gesture,  I am just touching the lovely flowers above me. I have been wearing oversized sunglasses all summer, but choose these by Chanel for more protection against the sun, as they wrap around closer to my face.

Above, I have my Kelly on correctly, and you might have noticed I have added a charm. One of the decisions I came to after so much Handbag shopping ( today I was at Bloomingdale’s) was that it is easy to add a charm and embellish a bag, and have it take on a different look. I have finished a post where I show many examples of creative embellishments, that are simple and fun to do.

This is not a purse charm, but rather a hair clip that is done with a soft suede backing, and i just clipped in on the strap. I can take it on and off, and add it to other bags, too.  You will see that soon. Now I feel a bit less inclined to buy an embellished bag, but you know me…I have a thing for handbags, and I have a thing for shiny objects… So….( she trails off– Ahem!)

The next photo is not a good one as the light is low, but I added it anyway, so you can see the look from as many perspectives as possible.   It got very windy , so I am glad for my braided hair. The belt is unobscured here.  But the wind made a mess of my dress-vest.

Did the first shot look as if I was about to be hit by a car? That is my neighborhood for you! ( I was actually quite safe!)

You can not see if from the photo but my shirt by Anne Fontaine, has mesh sleeves and is perfect for warmer days.

Other outfit details: My rings on my left hand are from naturally. My skinnies are True Religion ( children’s) and everything I am wearing except my jewelry, shirt, sunnies, and Hermes Bag, was bought second-hand at consignment.

My hairclip-cum purse charm,  is from Fox’s Designer Off- Price ( sort of a upscale TJMaxx) but I bought all they had. I will search for more on line and hope to give you some sources when I publish my next post of DIY embellished bags.  Just make sure the backing is soft -you do not want to damage the strap of the bag!

I hope you are well! Let me know what you think of embellished bags: Costly flight of fancy, or Flash in the Pan? Better to add a charm and call it a day? — or treat yourself to something wonderful; charm, studs, jewels and all.   Also, would you wear this dress as it was intended, or would you toss it over jeans. What say you?


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