BG Main Floor- The Wonderland

I wanted to walk this weekend, and decided Bergdorf Goodman would be my destination. I know from the catalog I receive,  that Bergdorf Goodman’s New Main Floor is to open this coming Tuesday. I figured two things: If i waited until then,  I might be blown the 4 block trek, courtesy of storm Hermine, and a 45 mph gust of wind. No , i reasoned, I should go right now!

Secondly, I assumed and that the floor was likely pretty complete. I hate crowds so I ventured off, with Handbags,  as my focus. I recently had a birthday, so I was thinking about a new bag.

This season’s crop of handbags is almost otherworldly in their ornamentation; studs and jewels, straps and grommets, sequinned butterflies, stripes, painterly embellishments, and head-spinning combinations of the above.

My Kind of Handbag Season!

Glittering chandeliers greeted me on my way in. I walked straight to handbags ( going left would take me to Jewelry. I will do that another day. ) I was suprised at how crowded the store was. The city is pretty quiet this weekend, with Labor Day and extra days off.

You have been patient! Here are some photos that I took that day!

                                       Pony Hair and Blue Pears in a shield shape clasp
                                       Pony Hair and Blue Pears in a shield shape clasp

Grommet Love

                                                        A cat charm Purr-fect!
                                                        A cat charm Purr-fect!

And my favorite,  Gucci Dionysus in Python:

and more from the website, in case you have not yet seen quite enough. Never, right?

What a great afternoon shopping. I was glad I could not stay too long, as I was meeting some friends for birthday champagne. I did end up buying a few things, but none of the bags here. Sigh ( of relief ?)  Hmm. Which is your favorite?

I hope you are well. I also hope non one has been affected by this Labor Day Storm . Wishing you a happy Monday, and a wonderful week ahead.

XOXOXO     Elle     XOXOXO

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