Summer, Good-Bye

It is officially September, and while the temps are still warm, it feels as though the summer season is behind us. I feel that way anyway. I love the long, luxurious days of summer , where the light stretches to 8:30, and the feeling of relaxing , seems inherent in those calendar days through August.

My favorite shots of summer. I will share them now.

Somewhere, somehow, I turned 58. August brought my twin and me another birthday, as well as my baby sister; ha, she is 57 now! I celebrated quietly and happily.

Thank you Mother Nature for the sunshine and the warmth. The long lazy days were a treasure. I will miss you; until next year ( or maybe December, like last year?)    Good Bye summer 2016.

Dear readers, are you also saying good-bye to summer, or are you around the globe saying hello?

What was the best part of your summer?


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