Flex in the City

Nedra, Gerardo and I decided to walk to our destination. I wanted to go to the Loew’s Regency Hotel nearby; it had beautiful flowers that reinforced the Dolce & Gabbana theme I had in my head. Of course, life happens along the way.

Three blocks inand Gerardo and I were feeling the humidity;  Our feet were not happy in our heels.

I succumbed.

It is Manhattan, right. A taxi came right away. In fact, I was feeling nervous that Nedra would stop traffic entirely!

While I am fidgeting with my bra strap or something unbecoming, Nedra just snaps into pose. Remarkable, a model through and through;  even when we are not looking. Her middle name should be poise, or grace.

Now quite a story ensues from here. But I am going to leave that out, and see what you come up with. I will follow this up, with the events as they unfolded. Here is the story in photos.

So do you know the story? A magnum of sublime Rose was involved. And an outfit change as well. That is because it was 94 degrees, so get that tawdry thought notion out of your head. Nedra, Gerardo and I left really happily; the humidity lifted ( see the cool bomber Nedra has on!) and we left with a funny story on our lips, an innocent one, that could only happen in New York.

I had two posts in mind, one with florals and stripes , on a city street,  and one with romantic slip dresses inside somewhere. A sumptuous indoor place, maybe a fabulous restaurant. Both happened. But not quite how I imagined, so I remain flexible when I plan a post, ( I really plan, btw) and then I allowed for serendipity to happen. because what is life without it?

All I will say is the New Yorkers are the best. I met two lovely new girlfriends, and Andre from the Regency is a wonderful, and a grand host! If you are looking for a luxurious place to stay where every detail is attended to, then you have found your home away from home. ( My cousin from the Midwest stays here often.) The food and wine are superb, as is the service and ambiance.

Outfit details and the simple story will follow with a few more photos later this week! Happy holiday weekend for my US readers. I hope you too are dancing in the street- or looking like you are- that is just as good!



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