Golden, with a chance of Patchy Fog

Edgy. Threaded together. Unlikely elements stitched together. The result should be chaos, but it is not. It is merely the change of seasons, and the unpredictable forces blowing in and around.  She is touch and go, but she is here: Autumn .

I am also describing my thrifted handbag made with bits of velvet, printed corduroy, ultra suede and vegan leather . I bought this bag last year for $4.00.  I like its throwback style; I could see it making old statement with an outfit without pattern. 

I enjoy updating my basic skinnies from F21 two years ago with some nice heels, and a long boho ultra suede vest. My pointelle beret in dove grey,  tops the outfit, and keeps my hair in place as mother nature tosses wind at my face and shoulders.

I add RX sunglasses so I can see my way down the street, My neighborhood is so busy, that my vision must be sharp. Passerbys armed with phones, plugged into the ether, hurrying towards “somewhere” pose a hazard. Truly, they do. Why is everybody looking somewhere else? I am in the moment , am I alone here? 

The horns are blaring. Loudly. Traffic is congested. Chill out, I want to say. OH well, at least my fringes are blowin’ in the wind.

What I am Wearing

Outfit details! Maxi ultra suede vest by Top Chic, sim Asos, mine at  my local fav , De Janerio. RX sunglasses from Eyediologie. Patchwork bag, thrifted, but similar here from Kohls, and Coach. My beret is from last year, but I adore this from Urban Outfitters!

Happy MONDAY!   XX, Elle

40 thoughts on “Golden, with a chance of Patchy Fog

  1. Looooove your fantastic details Elle. Also the thrift bag is so unique, how wonderful you’ve found one:). The long vest yet fringe tell it all!

    Happy Autumn to you! Tanyahttp://attraction2fashion.com

  2. love the bag esp with the fringe coat, very cool. That bag can make a big statement for 4.00!!only you could find that.. love the beret too, whole outfit s A+cheers ELLEβ˜€

  3. Wait a second. $4.00? Wow. What a deal! I love it. Your whole outfit minus the pumps looks very much like something I would have worn back in the day. I probably would have worn clogs. You look terrific. I’m so glad you checked in with me because somehow your blog disappeared from my feed. And I wouldn’t want to lose you. Oh no! You comment was so sweet. You are absolutely right. Blogging is not all cupcakes and pussycat bows but when things get difficult, fashion can be a wonderful diversion. Much love.

    1. Perfectly said, a wonderful diversion. I am so glad you have me back in your feed again. I switched from WordPress to SquareSpace, it was a bumpy ride, but I like this platform so far.What fun I had on intsagram last night!Much Love, Elle

      oh, and yes 4 tiny dollars, I am a good little shopper.. πŸ™‚

  4. Elle,As usual I’m impressed about your purchasing skills and I like the cool outfit you created with the fringed vest.And honestly I don’t always understand the behaviour of people …xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thanks Rena!Most people are so preoccupied, it is sad I think, they are missing out I think of the beauty of everyday life..xx, elle

  5. This has got to be one of my most favorite looks so far. That vest is to die for and you pull it off like no other. I seriously remember giving my mom a bag just like that one, several years ago (wonder if she still has it). Great look!

    1. Thanks Trina, I was iffy about it in the store, but I loved the color.Even my daughter likes it, and it shall be hers soon I think!xx, Elle

    1. Thank You so much Dan! I have a lot of fun wearing whatever suits my for the day (and sometimes it is just yoga pants and sneakers!).One of my hope is that my blog is interesting for the sheer variety of my wardrobe. MyDailyCostume is indeed m name, each day is new is my motto! Kisses, sweet friendelle

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