The Boxy Suit

Happy Mid-week Glam Girls! I am sharing an outfit that you may have seen on Instagram. I am wearing a boxy suit in a muted tweed and a newsboy cap in plaid. Working it in menswear!

The blurry look was unintentional, but I do not mind it. There are some shots where the resolution is better, I did use a professional, that day, but sometimes stuff happens.  Maybe for the best ! 

This Michael Kors suit, ( not Michael by Michael Kors) was purchased in pristine condition last winter on a cold and snowy day. No one was shopping, but moi. So the sales were amazing. I paid $62.00 for this suit from Encore Resale on Madison Avenue. The velvet gloves are from Michael’s Consignment, and these set me back about $20.00. In fact, but for the glasses and brooch ( one dollar!) the whole outfit was second hand .  The Chanel boots are vintage, and I bought these last year at consignment, too. More photos, excuse the different hues, I was playing with filters to get optimal resolution for each shot, and I was in different spots that had its own unique light.

The boxy suit can be hard to wear. If you are short or curvy make sure it is not too square and add heels! Solid colors or mixed tweeds like this are elongating. I enjoyed using the belt here as a tie, and added the brooch as a feminine embellishment, balancing the gender elements .

I Hope you like this look. Further I hope you get how little it cost, relative to the quality, Anyone can do this .eBay is a great resource, as well as local thrifts stores and consignment stores. Get on the newsletters and know when their sales are. Many sites let you shop online, but the best deals are made in person. Still, the value is good if you can not travel to the location.

Outfit details: read, please!!

Michaal kors suit via Encore. Long velvet gloves via Michaels Consignment shop. I also love this brand new, with tags, suit from eBay by Elie Tahari, originally priced for $676. It has an opening bid of $30. My brooch was  dollar from a midtown costume jewelry company, I bough many items so they gave it to my for that price, You can do that also, on eBay, and not from China, here is a stunner. This will cost around $10.00 from the UK, if you live in the US. There is also this from eBay, and it will cost $1.50 including shipping, it is from Hong Kong. So this is a very thrifty version to get this look, although the suit from eBay is more tailored,  and resembles Chanel it the way it is edged.

A more commercial version, also stunning is this:

I love this plaid cap. ( Mine is sold out by Gabriella Frattini)

I adore these suede boots from Nordstrom In all sizes.

A tweed suit I love : also Michael Kors, from Saks 

Brooch: love this!

I will add more photos soon from this photo shoot done by Geraldo Vitale, but wanted this published ASAP,  because of the time sensitive nature of eBay auctions.   Now please tell me, are you a fan of the boxy suit, or the boxy coat? Are you seeing it as much as I am, on the glossy pages?  I know I really like the boxy suit, but I am keeping, and wearing my more tailored suits and jackets, too. Note, I did not discuss my crocodile bag, here . I think it deserves its own post.

One box, does not fit all!

Splendid Times!  XX, Elle

53 thoughts on “The Boxy Suit

  1. A Michael Kors suit for $62.00!! Oh my, but did you ever score. I’ve been staking out brooches lately. I visited a vintage shop in the village near my home and they didn’t have one. I couldn’t believe it! The associate said, "Brooches don’t really sell." I looked at her and said, "You might want to reconsider having them. They’re coming back you know." I saw loads on eBay. So many I became overwhelmed. I decided to bid on a unique bracelet instead. I won! I’ll pick up the brooch search in the near future. I do, however, have quite an assortment owned by my mother and maternal grandmother. I cherish them.

    1. Yes, I did well that day.! Brooches are very much back, so take advantage of that search before it becomes so well known. Cant wait to see the bracelet! having jewelry from loved ones is the best.!xx, Elle

  2. Do I like this suit? Oh, you bet I do!!! And you wore it perfectly for how petite you are. Great little advice you gave about wearing boxy suits, I’m going to remember these. I’m also quite impressed with you shopping techniques. Way to shop the cold, girlfriend.

    1. Yes, I was lucky, either that or insane to be out it a snowstorm.. I like to layer things over jewelry, I love layering but one needs to be mindful to put the rings back on when the gloves come off, and not put them in a pocket , Which is something that I have not yet done ;0 !xx, Elle

  3. The boxy suit looks good on you and the use of the belt as a necktie is brilliant! I am not a fan of anything boxy on me, it does not do me any favors.


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

    1. Yes, I agree it is challenging , but I think if thecae is not too overwhelming, it can look well . Being tall would help! ;)xx

  4. Oh wow only $62! Really? I love the color, yes boxy suits can be tough to pull off. You look great though. There is a consignment shop on Prince Street that I want to check out.

    Allie of ALLIE NYCallienyc.com

  5. I really love the outfit! The boxy suit, the cap and boots, the long gloves…wow!!And the photos are super cool!! The hurry ( unintentional ) look is exactly what I like in a post. It adds a touch of … real life! You are so perfectly delightful, Elle!

    1. Yes, it seems I am always moving fast, but not so much in a hurry that I prevent myself from enjoying the moment! Thank you, truly, for our kids words Dan.XX,Elle

  6. What a lovely suit and what a great deal on it! The brooch is such a beautiful piece to add to the outfit for the perfect touch! I like how the suit has short sleeves and the velvet gloves go so well!


  7. This is such an impressive find and I love how well it is put together. I adore tweed, it is such a classy material, I wish there was more of it around.

    1. Thanks so much. It is a bit scarce, as is wool these says. Everything seems to be synthetic or blended with synthetics. Anyway, I appreciate that!xx, elle

  8. loved your outfit a lot…blurred pictures adding a different definition to this whole look…loved the way you used belt as a tie with brooch 🙂 stunning..

    1. Yes, the blur did add something, as well as take something away! I like the unexpected. Thanks so much for your kind words/xx, Elle

  9. Hello! I loved your post, I loved your outfit! You look very beautiful! I really liked your jacket and the brooch, and I liked the color too. Michael Kors is really good, I like his design! I hope you have a very nice weekend! I liked the tips you give on the post; true, we can have things that are not from China :)DenisesPlanet.com

    1. Thanks so much Denise! I am so glad you liked the outfit and the tips, I do try to avoid buying directly from china, and I like supporting small business too. You re a doll. Happy friday!:)

    1. Thanks Lera! That is so sweet of you, you just brightened by day. I really love your blog and am inspired by it. Happy weekend ! xx, Elle

    1. Thanks Bing, I am so glad you like it. It does feel like "me" when wear it, and I am so glad it was not expensive.! Hugs.xx, Elle

  10. I love this look, so elegant and feminine. You have done very well with your shopping. Lovely brooch too.It seems that the emails, announcing a new post on your blog, ceased. So I will subscribe again. As I missed quite a few of your posts.Greetje

    1. Greetje, I am so glad you like this. I started fresh on SquareSpace. It was a difficult thing for me ( a non techie to do ). DO you see the option to subscribe? I have missed seeing you here, but apologize for the kink, changing platforms can come with snafus. I always leave a link at the end of each post, and that link would take you to the new site, but I do understand that you rely on email alerts.I did do well shopping, that is true. When you shop in the dead of winter, there can be some great sales!xx, Elle

  11. Elle, I cannot find a box to subscribe to new posts via email. Only new comments (I only wish to see your reply on my comment haha).And I am having trouble with my profile to comment too.. Oh well I will figure it out.Greetje

    1. Any thank you Greetje, I will see if that option can be added ( it should be!!) I called a tutor it today so this can be addressed quickly. Thank you for taking your time to let me know about these kinks,You are friend indeed!xx, elle

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