City Rush: Rushed In Rust Tweed.

Living in New York is expensive! I am not just talking money here, it is taxing on all of your resources. Basic niceties, such as quiet and ease of living, cost heavily here, and taxes the emotions. The pace is rushed, and the noise and debris of construction is omnipresent. So I savor a quiet moment on the city streets.

Don’t get me wrong. There is no place I would rather be. ( except any large city with lots of cultural flavor, good places to eat, interesting cinemas, museums, varied and astounding architecture). Hmm. I take that back, there may be many places I might rather be. Yet I am here. Tangerines, anyone?

You can be anyone here. Anonymity is pretty wonderful. Some may find it alienating, but Manhattan has the feel of a big brash city, with some lovely personal charm thrown in. Each neighborhood is unique, block by block- it seems- and it is easy to get to know all of the local merchants and neighbors too.

And no one judges here. Or if they do, I don’t see it. People of all stripes live here harmoniously, for the most part. With world events being what they are, this is a thing that I treasure. As costly as it is be here,  as loud as the cement trucks are, and the constant blaring of horns being honked- this is the best thing about this city-

it gives back in that way.  One gives up so much to be here, yet there are opportunities here that are seldom offered elsewhere. People want to be here, young people flock here and the vibrant energy is mood elevating.

But I do wonder, how much more they can build before our tiny island sinks? How high can the high rises, rise to? How staggering and obnoxious are the prices of these higher-than -thou penthouses? Sometimes it is maddening!

Then I take a deep breath. Every place has its alluring attributes as well as annoying drawbacks.
 Revitalized, I walk briskly and soon meld into the foot traffic. Another New Yorker going somewhere….

Outfit Details:

Gucci coat, Bergdorf Goodmans ( children’s department! ) ! , Midrise skinnies by Paige, Boots by Stella McCartney , via Designer Revival. Messenger bag, thrifted in East Hampton- THIS NEW YORKER KNOWS HOW TO SHOP!-  Plaid cashmere scarf was my dad’s…    NO SHOPPING LINKS TODAY, I think you must be sufficiently inundated with shopping this week!


Splendid Times!  XX, Elle





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