The Brooch is Back!

Hello Friends! Minutes away from the weekend, I am adding a diary post about jewelry. The Brooch, and Pins, as they now seem to be referred to, are back in a big way. One can argue that they were never gone, but brooches and pins are decorating many of this season’s most sought after designer threads.

Now is the time to forage your aunt’s closet or the flea markets for treasures to pin on a jacket, or hat. Indulge in a whole series if you want, or a single lovely statement piece.  The material of these are limitless; fabric, paste jewels, glass, paper, or , GUSH, SWOON real gems from the pages of Town and Country, ( or facsimiles thereof).

Check out Vogue’s Spread of their Brooches and pins and their 13 pages of slideshow here and also take advantage of the Christmas display windows, so intoxicating this time of year! I have been adding a small to medium brooch to my skinny scarves, and this is also a great way to add some bling. This is a trend to really have fun with.

Links to pins above, starting with the top right, in folded floral splendor, and going down, ending the the bottom left by Mary Ann Restivo.   The precious bird pin is a treasure! Below it is a well priced beauty, on sale at Opensky.com. It is aiming for your party dress .  Brooch 4,  is by Trifari.  Brooch 5 is by Christian LaCroix via Istdib.scom.  I am ending this list with this vintage must have,  designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

Outfit Details

Hermes red silk dress via Michael’s Consignment Shop on Madison Avenue.  Faux fur coat by Ralph Lauren via TJMaxx. Handbag is Chanel in black caviar.   Note: thank you to Taj for helping me create the wallpaper behind me in Photoshop, which I hope you can see is made up of many images of the brooch I am wearing!

Photo credit; Thanks Gerardo!


Splendid Times   xx, Elle

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