In Bloom at the Holiday House

Recruiting top interior designers in the New York City area, the Holiday Showhouse is held annually in a historic mansion. All proceeds are donated to help end the spectre of breast cancer, through research. I attended, and so enjoyed it. Here I am in Stacy Garcia’s design space.

When I stepped into the hallway and meditation room designed by Stacy Garcia, I felt transported to new kind of space. Indoor sophistication meets wild outdoor blossoms, and nature’s own organic shapes.

Above, a photo of the hallway. I was taken by the multi-color herringbone floors, the luscious florals on the wall, and the smaller hint of blooms quietly smoldering in the meditation room. ( Stacy is well known for her wallpaper!)  Her design is eclectic, and intensely fresh. She is known in her industry for her mastery of creative synergy and forecasting abilities. She is more than on trend, she helps mold the trends. She is all of the things that I aspire to be as a stylist and style blogger.

From DesignLIfeNetwork is a photo of the entire space. It was much too busy during the bustling show for my photographer to get the whole space, so I am happy to include it here.

What a talented designer can do to transform a simple hallway and small space is quite amazing. Of course this is true of fashion as well as decor, having limits is what challenges us to do our best and most creative work. I hope you can see some overtones of Stacy’s vision in what I am wearing, the mixing of origami folds, lustrous florals, the shine of my necklace that is consonant with the neon of the flower shop sign,  and organic in that it is made of nature’s jewelry – topaz, silver, and gold.

In the following shot, I love how the billowing folds of my skirt meld into one of the art pieces hanging behind me. It is best seen in black and white, so a visual cleansing of palette follows. A captivating one I hope!

Below a photo that I adore, as you can see the wallpaper up close, as well as a sketch of the room, the pretty objects so perfectly chosen.

In the mediation room I am in awe. I don’t think my heart should be racing here, but alas, it is.

Stepping into the hallway..

Here my bold shoes, which I think adds some downtown punch to this uptown look, are poised on the floor. Dare I step?

Below, a reminder about the purpose of the work,  over and above of the spectacular display of talent, the proceeds go to fight breast cancer.

The signs say for every photo tagged #StayInspiredSG,  in the arbor room of the Holiday House, we will donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Arbor day Foundation. I will post these to Instagram soon.  I will post as many as I can find!

Below, a photo which will be tagged and shared, I am photographed by Gerardo’s wizardry to appear inside the lovely hand carved framed, with the floral blooms behind me ! Cool, right!

Like any true fashionista I love to surround myself with beauty. It is balm for the soul. Whether it is the clothes and jewelry I am wearing, the decor in my home, or the museums that I enjoy, it is a passion for me.

I have been fascinated with the intersection between decor and apparel for many years. You will see more on this topic, as well as more on the Holiday House. Soon. Promise. Pinky swear.

Outfit Details: I am wearing Oscar De La Renta ( skirt),  cape robin booties,   and Nina Ricci Jacket. Skirt and Jacket was purchased on Madison Avenue, at Encore. The stunning necklace was made by a designer friend who wishes to remain anonymous. I will so a shopping post soon on this type of necklace- so no worries, some shopping inspiration will follow.

Thank you to the Holiday House.  Thank you to Stacy Garcia New York, whose talent knows no bounds. Thank you to Aracely Garcia ( no relation!) for hair and make up! Also, many thanks to Gerardo Vitale for photos!

Tis the season for gifting. Enjoy it, wrap yourself it is splendor and warmth. Do not forget to be charitable, too.

Splendid Times    XX, Elle










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