To A Peaceful New Year

This has been a tumultuous, headline driven year. It is easy to forget the million upon millions of individual acts of kindness that weave our societies into strong places. It is my wish that this year bring a more peaceful sensibility, and that we, as individuals, do not get so mesmerized by our devices that we lose perspective.

I plan to celebrate quietly in a festive dress -just a date night with hubby. My jeweled tone dress is In part influenced by a recent reading of Glenda Harrison’s first novel, A place Called Peace. This well written book put me in the best possible emotional space to celebrate the New Year.  Below, in the photo collage of the book, you will see that I inadvertently – ?- dressed in the color scheme and theme, even, of Glenda’s book cover.

From my Amazon review of A Place called Peace:

This is a compelling and insightful novel, written in a frank and moving way. Glenda K. Harrison takes on difficult subject matter with a deft hand. She explores the relationship between siblings, children, and parents. I do not want to give much away, but Glenda also delves into the the hot button issue of what is like to feel “less than”.

Glenda paints her story in the stages of a butterfly’s metamorphosis, and does so so assiduously , that you feel like you have taken the journey with her. She travels from stage to stage, accepting some hurtful memories, and uses them, at last, to achieve her true potential.

A metaphor like this could be trite in the hands of someone not as gifted as Glenda, but Glenda dazzles, as the story culminates in a blissful moment of clarity and transformation. This is the way to start a New Year!

A collage of her book cover:

Can you see it now? I am all set to embark upon this New Year decked out in festive colors, hopeful that this coming year brings inner peace and worldwide harmony, or at least a shift in the wind, that leads towards a change in that direction.

Read and follow Glenda’s inspiring and one a kind blog,  So What to Twenty . Many of you may know and follow Glenda already, but if you do not, treat yourself to a brilliant stylist, with a one of a kind approach to fashion. On her blog you can find a prompt to buy her book!

Photo Credit: Tahj Snow

Again, Happy New Year: may it be all that your wish for and more!

May your year be brilliant!

XX, Elle                    @theellediariesnyc





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