Formal or Festive- Pleats, Lace, & Jeweled Heels

So it was a spring party, just a week after the air was warm and the temps reached 80*. I knew what I would wear. My trusty pleated metallic skirt ( older, H&M), my new ASOS heels with jewels galore, and a lined, lace blouse by Josephine Sasso.  The tricky part was the outerwear. I had a simple satin overcoat in mind, but the weather weighed in. It said: NO WAY!

I chose instead, a plum colored jacket by Tahari,  with multiples layers of ruffles at the neck, mimicking the scalloped folds of a rose. The extra fabric kept me warm, and allowed me to wear my sandals without socks ( which would have been cute) or tights. I refused to wear anything fur or furry,  nothing so wedded to winter. I added a single bracelet- such restraint- and a simple crystal bag, and just one ring. My hair was in an simple knot, but I tied a scarf around it to keep it from blowing into a mess.



A cautious step!


It was a lovely night. Fortunately I did not have to walk or stand much on these heels.  Now I am a bit under the weather from this mercurial, bi-polar weather. So while in bed, and a bit feverish, I made this, with double exposure.

It is still cold here, and a perfect day for a pajama day. If you could see me tonight you would say: Blogger: you’re fired! I hope it is warmer near you ,and that your week starts off with a calm and warm day. Mondays, hah!


The links are on my Polyvore page. I did an inexpensive version and a pricier one.

Sending hugs from Manhattan!                XX, Elle

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