Lately, in Photos – Part 1

I know it sounds cliché, but it is true. This summer has been flying by so fast. I wish I could grab the hands of time and pull and tug, just to slow things a bit. Alas, I can not,. So I will share some shots of the last month or so. I hope you like them. I will start with shots of the East End.

Shopping at a boutique called Beach Bungalow:

Greetje , of No Fear of Fashion, mentioned in a recent post that she could not see my gold gladiators. Voiá! Problem solved, I hope!

Blues skies/ green hedges and a view of my house from my lounge chair.  Some clouds,  too. Here they look like cotton balls or cotton candy.

A Sunset Cruise

I Hope you like this photo diary! Part 2 , shots from the city, comes up soon! Enjoy your week!


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