Claire Pettibone Presents: Four Seasons Bridal Couture at Academy Mansion

I introduced you to Claire Pettibone’s genius in my last post! I am glad I furnished that preview. Now I am going to present the Four Season’s Collection she debuted at #NYFW,  at Academy Mansion, in NYC.  All photos are by Gerardo Vitale, and a few by me.

We begin with Winter, the darkest season, but not somber, just a time of quiet reflection.

You can indeed get a sense of the detail and mood of this Winter collection, one of four,  based on the Art Nouveau illustrations Of Alphonse Mucha. Of course, her use of lace and sequins- a modest touch of sparkle –  is much like the snow, glinting on an winter moon-lit evening.

Yes, that is me, in a metallic, pleated skirt, and embroidered blouse with black piping. I am not attired by Claire, but Gerardo guided me to the spotlight and took a photo before I realized quite what he was doing. But his instincts were sound; pale in the light I do fit into the scene, sort of.

Above,  and below, two shots that I took with my Samsung Note 5. It does have a different feel from Gerardo’s superior camera, but I like to include all perspectives.

Now we go backwards to Autumn, the photos resting on the magical moment when leaves fall in burnished colors, the days shorten,  and we take the time to dream of love.

In the Autumn collection , colors appear, and the glint of sequins sparkle like shimmery moon dust on the lake.

Next we visit Summer, with lazy days spent in grassy meadows. A season of blooms and quiet love.

You must see that the details in these gowns are splendid.  The above capture is a great illustration of her technique and her commitment to detail. Now we close this post with Spring; with maidens reveling in new Love; blossoms preening from floor to ceiling.

And here I am again, nestled in the blossoms, remembering my own wedding. But I am not dressed like a bride, in my pleated skirt and embroidered blouse. The floral bomber jacket does fit in this photo, captured as it was by Gerardo.

It is a romantic look, so I am fine to be here, looking at the young models, who I hope become brides.   I hope, too,  that they are as happy in love , as I have been, three decades hence.

Any bride who wears a Claire Pettibone creation is certainly off to a propitious start!

What a pleasure to edit, write and publish this post! When My daughter gets married, or my son, who has the lovliest girlfriend, I will not have to shop around,  I will recommend: go straight to Claire Pettibone!

So my dear readers what sort of wedding dress did you wear? If you are not yet married kind of dress is the dress of your dreams? Please do let me know!

Your comments make my day !