When Fall was Perfect

This is an older photo shoot, if one could call it that. Just a few snaps taken by a stranger along my walk, heading East on 57th Street. It is warm day, with a bit of wind, to remind me that chillier days are ahead.

Much chillier, and I am not referring to the temperatures outside.

A contentious election has many in tears, and feeling lost. The change is like a solid mass of badness. Uncertainty is never a good feeling, and if one reads the news, ( a newspaper, anyone) what one learns is, well, for a different kind of blog, I guess. 

I wonder what the world must think.

Please let me know, if you are comfortable with sharing that. Yet, there are reasons to hope so i am doing just that. There are some changes that are necessary here. How they will applied, and to what end,  is what is tricky.

In the meantime I get up in the morning, and put one foot forward , and pray the momentum of forward is caught and strengthened. For that is what we need to do, to go forward, and not descend to backward.

The Outfit:

A mix of high and low. My jeans are from American Eagle in Bridgehampton. I love the raw edge and cropped length. The prices there all always very reasonable. My sweater is from last year,  via Workshop. My striped scarf is CHANEL and was purchased at Encore on Madison Avenue, at an amazing discount. My boots are Gucci, and I only own one!  My twin and I shared this purchase! My bag is from Tatiana Resale , located across the street from Serendipity!

My necklace is from KCSignatures. Friends,  you must shop this place, they sell one of a kind statement jewellery, in semi precious and precious stones, and precious metals, often vermeil, gold over sterling. The pieces look like super expensive jewelry, but their prices are so reasonable. No they have not sponsored this post.  They are a small, local business, and I love to support them. Shop them on Instagram and call Nina for prices, mention my name,  too.

I did do a Polyvore post for this look. I could not find a Chanel, long scarf like this one. but you can shop many of the upscale designer resalers on line now. The links for the post can be found on the page, but a shot of them is below.

and here, too

I also love the embellished boots here and here !

I Hope where you live is peaceful and calm. My next posts will be indoors, as I generally shoot at the blocks near me,  east to Fifth, where the protests are going on. So street style is on hold for a bit, unless they are some older shoots, or shoots from my rooftop terrace.  But that is not a bad thing for my blog. I love Indoor shots for the Holidays, They are more representative too- don’t we want to see what to wear by the fireplace at Christmas. I hope you do, because that is what is next! And so that is what I will focus on, editing those shots, and taking only small doses of news.

Wishing you : Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love

Your comments make my day !