#ShopSmall for Holiday Outfits

 Here in the US ,  we recently had an important and contentious Presidential election. But we as consumers vote everyday with our dollars.

I try to #shopsmall and locally when I can, and also to buy second hand, as it is good way to recycle , and /or up-cycle. Most second hand shops are small businesses, often owned by women. At a point when large corporations  are changing the retail landscape , we can champion small shops, on-line and in the brick and mortar stores.

I did some polyvore sets and combined them into a shopping inspiration guide,  to inspire shopping small, local, and secondhand. Remember that Ebay, and Etsy, while large corporations do support small individual sellers, as does  . You can see from the sets that the look is still festive, and dare I say Glam.

I hope you like these outfit ideas. The Holidays are fast approaching!  It is a great time to shop. We have so many ways to purchase, please remember to support the little guy ( gal)  as much as you are able!

Links for the above sets are Here,  Here,  Here , and Here .

Photos of the links below. Click on the links above to find clickable links to shop!

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