Allie & Elle

Pardon my lamentably late post. These photos were taken during fashion week and a few weeks later. I am both happy and proud to be with my beautiful blogging friend Allie, of ALLIE

Allie and I met during NYFW and had dinner together after the wonderfully inspired Verdad show. It is such fun to discover the real person behind the blog persona. Allie is a sensitive intellectual, very beautiful, with full-on porcelain skin, and is tall and angular like a runway model. Her style is impeccable and on-point wearing the very best pieces from Zara.


At the Verdad Show.

Dinner after a Nolce Show.

Snaps from the Nolcha Shows.

Allie took this shot of me inside ( light challenged but great restaurant-  Bistano at the Kimberly Hotel In Midtown east. The blue light from the fish tank was perfect to illuminate the fish. For me, not so much, but still… We had great fun!

Please check out Allie’s work if you do not know off her blog already. Her format is gorgeous, and  her coverage of NYFW and many designers is fascinating, and presented flawlessly.

Her most recent blog about the future of blogging is a Must Read!

Have you had the opportunity to meet your favorite bloggers in person? I know many of you have. Let me know how your experiences were! I hope to meet more bloggers as time goes on!

I hope you are having a fabulous Spring week!

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