Porto, Portugal : Still Abroad

Porto continues to be compelling. The architecture, vistas, gardens and cobblestone streets are enchanting.

Donning my new favorite sneakers, I am ready to brave the rocky streets and hilly terrain.

My new circle bag, and little messenger, bought here in Porto for 30 USD for both.  I also got my new blue shirt, with the varied seams, and soft combed cotton.

The view from our room is charming. The Intercontinental is perfect, and so comfortable, the perfect juxtaposition of old world flavor and modern, luxurious furnishings.  What a pleasure to have this hotel as a home base.

We enjoyed a tour of the Sandeman Port facility . We also got to taste their most popular vintages. YUM!

When you walk up the steps of ancient ruins you have amazing vistas.

Remember:  you are touring a great city, do not gorget to look up!

At sunset we walk to dinner.

Back to our hotel I see the orchids in the lobby and smile.

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