Animal Rescue Luncheon With Korina Sanchez-Roxas

We all love our four legged friends! We know that they are often mistreated- what is more heart breaking?  Korina Sanchez-Roxas, is to to the Philippines as Megyn Kelly is the the US; A top-notch veteran journalist with a soft side.


At the event, and just before the luncheon, I am wearing Max Mara and Chanel, and  comfy shoes by Naturalizer.


At the luncheon,  Korina Sanchez-Roxas told harrowing stories of animal abuse. Amidst the elegant setting of the Rotunda at the storied Pierre Hotel in Manhattan, the sadness was stark and powerful. Above, I found a smile; we were here to donate and spread the word. Progress has been made. 

Korina Sanchez-Roxas talked a good bit about her pet, Trina, who has deformed hind legs. She rescued this sweet dog when a garbage collector near the train tracks found her, and gave Korina the suffering canine. ( the dog above is Roxy, though)  A vivid story was told about how many privately owned shelters in the Philippines use the innocent and ill animals to raise funds, but them ultimately neglect them. Strays continue to wander outside only to be caught by Government dog pounds.

Here the cycle of abuse continues as these animal are mistreated and ultimately “euthanized”. Korian Sanchez-Roxas tell us what the this word entails, and it is harrowing. Many eyes were filled with tears – mine-certainly- as we learned that so many of the dog pounds resort to suffocating them with noxious car engine smoke or bludgeoning their heads with a  baseball bat .

Now more light hearted photos from the exquisite event, that happened on a rainy day in May.  I am sorry for posting this late! But this issue, sadly, is a long term one, despite progress. Below a snap of the invite with all of the particulars, and  two shots of me of inside the opulent Rotunda at the Pierre.

A friend and I at the animal rescue event below, and just below The Rotunda at the Pierre-  so magnificent !

Adorable friends, and happy expressions!

You saw this selfie on my blog, sorry no filters, and red eyes from a few tears. 

and a closer shot to see my vintage earrings from last year’s Kip’s Bay designer Show House sale, and necklace by

Karina Sanchez-Roxas has so much great energy and compassion. Her organization, is called Animal Guardians for Humane Societies (PAGHS). It is the beneficiary of donations made at the event, which are coursed through the Foundation for Filipino Artists, Inc.

This is a quote from the event:

“I do believe animals have hearts and souls too. You just have to look into a dog’s or cat’s eyes looking back at you and you will know. You know. ” — Korina Sanchez- Roxas

I have always had dogs, and I have to agree. They are such special animals. It is a good time to think about all of God’s creatures in this time of globalization. So much at stake…

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