Life! In Saturated Color !

I found myself on a city street near my house for this shoot. Feeling bold, I choose this bee-stung dress.  I added the pointy shoes with wide straps a’ la MIU MIU, but via for a fraction of the cost, Naturally, and on its own accord, the argyle tights came next.  VoilĂ - my Gucci moment . ( or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

The thrifted butterfly scarf was a fun addition. I used a vintage brooch to secure my scarf in a loop and to add a touch of sentimental bling. It is an heirloom. My Loewe bag is an old eBay find, a good decade ago, before this label got so HOT HOT HOT!

While my friend shot this, a nice woman came by and offered to shoot the two of us together– New Yorkers are Good People– Believe it! Especially now! I love this melting pot of a city!

My pink glasses were a gift from a friend, as was the scarf. So much sentiment in this outfit, as well as savvy buys, if I don’t say so myself.

You will either love or hate this look.

I am okay with that. It is authentic, and I am satisfied with it. It is my look, and I own it.

Below a close up of the tight and shoes. I toe the line. A politically charged phrase. Everything seems tinged with political meaning; what a chaotic time to live. And yet, there is kindness everywhere, in equal measure, perhaps even more so; believe that too! As real as this s@it is,  most people will do the right thing. You just may not read it on the news…

Keep the Faith. Be Bold.  Much Love!

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