Pleated Skirt / Bright Skies Ahead

pleated skirt with faux fur vest

Hello lovelies ! Thank you so much for your support and warm thoughts . Last week was rough, very rough. But today is brighter, and though the air is chilled,  the sky is bright.

That is why, today,  I am featuring a kaleidoscope printed and pleated skirt from Glancez .

You might remember that I wore this same pleated skirt last summer , with a bell sleeved blouse and strappy sandals.  A shot below from that post .

 printed pleated skirt

The skies are still blue, but when I wore it last week, I wore this pleated skirt in a winterized version.

I loved the drape of this skirt and how it catches and cascades in the wind. This pleated skirt, in this cheerful print , is a year round pleasure to wear. Adding boots, a sweater, a snood and a faux fur vest, made this perfect for this fifty-something day.

montage pleated skirt

pleated skirt for winter

I wore a sweater with a metallic striped bow,  that takes a nod from Gucci.  It,  and its coordinating snood,  comes from  Jacadi , an upscale clothing company for children , made in Paris. I used to shop there for my daughter, eons ago, and still shop there for myself. The quality is excellent, and the styling very sophisticated, especially  when considering it is for young girls. For less than $50 it is a great value!

The snood also came from Jacadi, and the Vince faux fur vest is from Bergdorf Goodman . Yes, you guessed right , from the children’s department! Amazing savings and great quality!

bow trimmed sweater

pleated skirt blowing  in the wind

It was fun taking this colorful pleated skirt and wearing it for a cold day. I can imagine it too, with a long faux fur coat that I gently bought in a pale color, a mix of celadon green and straw.  Since the pleated skirt trend is so popular, it is good to get a lot of wear from each one.

When I love something, I wear it often. Below, you see it again, in an eclectic mix of ruffled cardi, beaded belt and a tee that reads:” girls will save the future “. I actually believe that. More estrogen in this complex political arena? Yes, please ! But I digress…

pleated skirt with boots

Or do I. I do think that women should be better represented  in powerful positions,  in both business and politics. The world would be safer and governed better, if there were more discourse and a range of personalities and steady temperaments, too…

Do you agree? Should women have a stronger voice in government ? And another less monumental question: do you wear a printed, pleated skirt year-round like this,  or would you wear a skirt like mine in the summer months only? When you buy something that you love, do you try to incorporate it into your wardrobe for year round wear?

It seems possible now, with trends being –uhm–loose- as one can wear a  slinky slip dress, with a sweater under it, with textured tights, boots and a furry coat.  Ah, the eclectic mix;  a trend that resonates with me to my core! Life -and wardrobes- are better with different components,  a bit of clashing and diversity.  That is where true balance is created to stay.

Yes? No?  Let me know your thoughts. I value your comments and insight!

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34 thoughts on “Pleated Skirt / Bright Skies Ahead

  1. I tried to comment on your last post, but my stupid computer chose that moment to crap out on me. I shed many tears for your dear furry beloved, and thought of the feline friends I’d lost. It is a good reminder to value what we have, in the here and now, isn’t it?

    I struggle with pleated skirts – they just don’t look quite right on me, no matter how I try. I’ve worn them in winter as well as spring, but not quite…me. I do believe in wearing things you love as much as you can. And I firmly support that juxtaposition of textures, feelings and soft and hard (both in clothing and politics, ha).

    Hugs to you, my dear.

    1. My computer gets wonky too… Yes, it is a very good reminder to enjoy and appreciate all that we have, every day. We should take nothing for granted. I am sorry about your furry felines… hard to lose a special pet.
      Pleated skirts, if they are not too full, can be flattering, don’t give up on them.
      Look for new, inverted pleats is light fabrics…
      Yes, healthy and interesting juxtaposition… in everything, it is all-out the mix, nothing everything the same, not everyone the same.;Hugs Back!
      xoxo, Elle

  2. You look absolutely amazing in that skirt! Pleated skirts don’t always look good on me but this one is so gorgeous on you!! And I love how you styled it for colder weather — I wouldn’t have thought to try! And yes, you see more summer-like dresses worn with tights, boots, etc. You give me courage to try it!
    And yes, we need more estrogen (and far less testosterone!) among our political leaders!! More women seem to be getting involved these days and it will make the world a better place!!

    1. Thanks so much Patti!
      pleated skirts are hard to wear, but when you find the right one, it is wonderful~
      I am glad I have inspired you to wear summery clothes later into the season, it has been pretty warn the the summer colors are so cheerful!
      Yes the best news of recent events is women coming forward, and sings of the country becoming a bit more united…
      I appreciate that you are here!
      xx, Elle

  3. I am sorry that you had a rough week, dear Elle 🙁 I hope you have a nice one now! You did it well by wearing such a colorful skirt, it’s lovely! You always look amazing, and today is no exception – amazing choice, what for a lovely and lively skirt! I think women have strong voices, but they tend to shy away sometimes, maybe because society says they can’t do something, but we can 🙂 I hope you have a very beautiful week, as I said!

    1. Thank you Denise,
      I was bit, but each day is better now. Colors and breezy fabrics cheer me.
      I do hope as women we continue to speak up and find more certainty and strength in our voices!
      I wish you a beautiful week too !!
      xoxo, Elle

  4. Elle, I absolutely agree! Women should have stronger voices and personally I experienced often that women are better managers and leaders than men 🙂 Love how you styled the wonderful skirt this time – you look adorable!
    And I can imagine that last week was though for you, I’m so relieved to read that this day it was better for you. You are still in my thoughts. <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Totally second on your opinion Elle, women must have stronger voices and power, especially in today’s time! I am amazed how wonderfully you have styled the kaleidoscopic skirt with so many different looks! You have a great sense of styling love! And I glad to know that your mood is brighter now. Stay strong!

    1. Thanks Jess,
      lovely words.. thank you. Yes it is fun to style the same skirt in many ways.. a good creative outlet!
      hope you are well!
      xoxo, Elle

  6. I do not wear eclectic but love how others are so creative in combining print, texture and come out with a cool outfit like yours.

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