Best Shop Small Gift Guide

Hello loves. I hope you find yourself in the midst of good holiday cheer. Today I feature a Shop Small Gift guide- a few outstanding items from small retailers.

“Shop Small” is a mantra that you hear from me often . Shopping small and locally, when possible, is a way to vote with our dollars and support the little guys, and gals. I will try to do a few of these in the next two weeks.

Warning, in advance- the last item in my shop small gift guide is a quirky one… and this particular one is for its quirky appeal, but it is too expensive and out there to recommend.

Below, salad servers Here 

Kiss salad server
Kiss Salad server $80.00

Next, a gorgeous velvet skirt from VintagebySuzanne,  well curated Etsy shop.

Velvet skirt pink
Blush velvet vintage skirt $28.55

Or Choose Wicked Good Cupcakes, a favorite gift choice of mine. Yum! $55.95.

wicked good cupcake gift

A trendy and cool faux fur trimmed jacket ! Yes, please ! What do you think of this Shop Small Gift Guide so far? Cool and yummy, right?

multi color faux fur jacket
Faux fur jacket $85

Next, a choice of rich green pumps and booties , upscale and gorgeous ! $410, $494.00

chic green pumps

Dance Inspired swimsuit . Turn heads when you jet to the tropics!  $104.30

edgy swim suit

Paloma Wool Intarsia sweater via Bona Drag.  ON point and well crafted! $120.chic sweater for Christmas gift

SWOON! Blue velvet handle bag, $670, chic camel dress, $715Maryam Nassir Zadeh blue velvet bag

Faux fur jacket from Broadway Markets, downtown Manhattan

Chic Faux Fur jacket
Via UnrequitedNYC $65.00

faux fur jacket for Christmas

Now I am going to leave you with a whopper of an idea. No, I do not recommend that you buy this. But that it exists at all,  is fodder for future discussion ! An artist made toilet , clad in Louis Vuitton signature leather for $100, 000.  via Tradesy.

Louis Vuitton Functional $100,000 toilet
Yes, from Tradesy, a $100, 000. toilet from artist Illma Gore

city style

So, what do you think of these gift suggestions? This Shop Small Gift Guide, is unlike any other ! I do recommend the first and majority of these gift ideas. Will you shop small this season? What are your favorite gift ideas for this gift giving season.

Sending warm holiday hugs and wishing you a wonderful week!

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34 thoughts on “Best Shop Small Gift Guide

  1. Thank you for including me here! ((((( Elle ))))) It is much appreciated : )

    That last one is akin to a toilet made out of gold. Good grief. For those that have far too much money! You can buy two cars or a toilet. Your choice. Heck you can probably buy a house in some parts of the world for the same cash.

    I love the salad servers. So unique.


    1. I wanted to, your shop is so well curated.
      Yes, that toilet, so over the top!! Yes, most definitely a house in some parts! And a nice one!
      xoxo, Elle

  2. That toilet! Ha! I always shop local, my downtown, local businesses and second-hand for things like a faux-fur jacket. You can find some amazing stuff, as you well know, dear Elle. Thank you for promoting this kind of “give back” at this time of year.

    1. Yes, over the top, do you think ??? LOL. Yes, this is how I like to shop, the small businesses really need our support.
      Happy holidays. I know you also shop with heart!
      xoxo, Elle

  3. Oh my goodness I laughed out loud at that toilet, wow! haha! I really like that velvet skirt too, thank you for sharing these 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely week, and you got some bargains in the sales. I ended up grabbing a little something on Cyber Monday after resisting temptation all weekend, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Yes, I knew you would love the blue velvet ! Suzanne skirt is so pretty to, Ha! Funny LV toilet paper, would probably sell!
      xoxo, Elle

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