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National Wear Red Day: #WIW Feature

Today is National Wear Red Day, a day that focuses on women’s heart health. I am wearing red today to highlight this issue.

national wear red day

 National Wear Red day is an important  event. I am grateful that my friend Eugenia made me aware of this day.  She did a post featuring many bloggers to raise awareness of this health topic. Heart disease for women presents differently than for men, and it is the number one killer of women. Please read her post here.

I also have some cardiovascular issues related to my autoimmune disease.

 I am glad to help spread awareness of National Wear Red Day.

It does highlight information that many women do not know.

 We are our own best advocates, so please take some time to be up to date with your health and read Eugenia’s post.

It was easy to incorporate red into my look. I added a furry vest over my coat, a style tip that I discussed recently. Both lightweight layers added warmth to the chilly day. The red vest added a nice pop of color to the overcast winter day. If you think this vest looks familiar, it is! You have seen it here when I wore it for Fashion Week.

I will also share some older looks of me, wearing various shades of crimson red.  Below are some red accessories and dresses that would have been good choices for National Wear Red Day.

You can also read more about this on Time magazine, online here.

With Valentine’s Day coming up there will lots of good reasons to wear red. Wear red if you love it! Always be conscious of your heart health.

Below two shots of my favorite reds! One is by Gucci on the higher end, via my theresa.  The second is by Zara, available on Poshmark.

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We all must be responsible for our health and be proactive to have the fullest life possible. Read up and wear red! Spread the news about today being National Wear Red day!

Have a wonderful and healthy weekend!

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23 thoughts on “National Wear Red Day: #WIW Feature

  1. I had no idea this was wear red day even though I did a full post about red. Thanks for informing me.

    Love that furry vest.

    Funny enough you featured a dress that I thrifted and am wearing in my post on red. That one from Zara. Great minds think alike!


  2. A worthy cause to support! My dad died of a heart attack and it runs in my family – I do my best to take care of my health. I didn’t wear red during the day, but I’ll be wearing it tonight for a big gala I’m attending. Love your furry vest, Elle – have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I am so sorry about your dad Sheila. I know you are health conscious.
      Enjoy the gala, you will be the belle of the ball in my book.

  3. Elle,
    Thank you for getting the word out and your participation for National Wear Red Day with regards to women’s heart disease. I appreciate your voice with your readers as well as directing them to learn more on my blog.
    Your laying look, the furry vest over the chic coat, “to die for.”

    1. Thanks so much Eugenia!
      I was delighted to Direct my readers to your wonderful post. And I appreciate the topic that you had the foresight to address. I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

  4. Very good that you spread the word about women and their heart problems. Awareness is the first step. And it is never a punishment to wear red. Qute the contrary. I love red.
    PS such a cute bag again at the top of the page.

    1. Red is a good color for us, I believe it suits both our personality and our style. I loved the red poncho that you wore recently.
      Thank you, I also love that little bag. I bought some years ago at a consignment shop.
      Have a wonderful week ahead!

  5. Wow red it so your color FABULOUS!!! I need to start wearing red I ‘m always stuck with black, grays and pink

    1. Thanks Jackie,
      I can definitely see you wearing red. Your skin is so flawless and I think the color would be beautiful on you.

  6. I didn’t know about the Red Day and it’s my favorite color! I will think of it in the future, but for this year the day has gone and you did a brilliant job writing about it and showing that we need to take care of our health, indeed! I loved your outfit, the vest is really great! I loved the dress, too. I hope your cardiovascular problems are under control! I really loved this post, well done, dear Elle, we all need to support each other and to warn about important topics! Hope you have a fantastic weekend, hugs!

    1. I do love to share health tips from time to time. I hope you are feeling quite well, beautiful friend. Yes, I can see red is a fabulous color for you. It suits you !
      ❤️ Elle

  7. Oh, I really love the intention of the “Red Day”! For me every day could be a red day as I love this colour in general and I see again that red suits also you very well. Thanks a lot for sharing your again so fantastic look of today – your coat is a dream and again you styled an perfect look! Love also your previous looks – each of them is a true eye-candy.
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. I am so glad that you appreciate this post Rena. You do look quite beautiful in red. Thank you so much for reading, as always. Have a delightful week.

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