Dear Paris

WE stand with you. WE weep for your losses. 

I also admire how your have reacted to this tragic mess. How you tweeted #portesouvertes and opened your doors and hearts to whomever was stranded. I saw footage of an American student who gave folks water and charges their cellphones, until they were safe enough to go home. I heard the shocking booms, the thundering shock of the blasts.

But what struck me most is how the sports fans sung the national anthem as they streamed out of the Stade de France. A sweet song in a terrible tragedy. How noble you are Paris. How you lead with your example. I fear the terror is on its way here to the US, to New York, again.  I fervently hope it does not, as I wish you strength for what you are enduring  now and what you will continue to endure. 

I send healing thoughts to any of my followers and fellow bloggers who may have been affected in any way. Why, oh why, can we not come together as people in this world?

Consider donating, if you can. 

XX, Elle





28 thoughts on “Dear Paris

  1. Great post Elle, I hear you, I have step family in Paris they are devastated. And yes I fear that terrorism is only a matter of time in NY I pray it does’t happen.

    Allie of ALLIE NYCallienyc.com

    1. Thanks Allie,I am SO sorry about your step family… Unfortunately I agree, there was a quote I heard in the new about the US ( American blood tastes sweeter). It appears there are plans. How to brighten your sunday, huh?xx, Elle

  2. I couldn’t believe me eyes when Saturday I woke up and read the news. I got chills all over my body and tears started prickling from my eyes. I can only imagine how devastated are the loved ones and how horrified must have been the survivors.It goes beyond my understanding how can people be so cruel and do unimaginable things that will effect so many lives. I am shocked and honestly have no words. This situation is truly heartbreaking and my thoughts and prayers go to ones who lost their lives and to their loved ones – may they find peace.

    1. How true is that Bing. My son is not even sure he wants children.How heartbreaking is that., My daughter does, though! Living IN NY feels a bit perilous..But live is good, and I will still carry on enjoying it.xx, Elle

  3. Hi Elle. I love how heartfelt and genuine your tribute was. This has been very hard to overcome personally since a friend’s boyfriend was killed in the incident. (I’m sure you’ve read the story on the news.) It’s one of those things that you never think will happen…and then it does.

    1. OH Christine,I am so sorry. Yes I have followed the news, and am heartbroken for you on your intimate relationship with him, and especially for your friend.

  4. Dear Elle, I really hope your fears won’t come true. It so sad and tragic that Paris got attacked again. People should stop hating each other. We are all the same and everyone has the right to live in peace.

  5. It is a very sad situation, indeed.As a european citizen I do not to want to see innocent people loosing their life any more 🙁

    1. It is, I did want to mention something about this tragedy, talking ABOUT STYLE THAT DAY JSUT DID NOT WORK FOR ME. xx, elle

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