The Perfect Fit: Fashion and Decor Trends

I was visiting the Holiday House NYC  2015 recently and was truly inspired. Annually, The Holiday House brings together it’s finest local design talent and the Academy mansion becomes a fabulous oasis of design and inspiration for holiday entertaining.

I was thrilled to have two photos shoots there. The first was in Stacy Garcias’ Arbor Room where bold florals, fabulous art, and herringbone floors, set a dreamy, meditative mood. For today’s post you can find me in the richly furnished Game Room designed by Marks & Frantz.

Elle wearing velvet in the Holiday House Game Room by Marks & Frantz Design with Dedar

You should know , and it is perhaps evident to you in these two shots only, that Marks & Frantz are the creative talent behind the famous set decorations of Sex in the City and The Devil Wears Prada. It is fair to say that these sets are stamped indelibly on our minds: who of us can forget Carrie Bradshaw’s closet! Um, yes, that is what I thought!

Above, I am playing on a custom wood marquetry shuffleboard table. Score!

Now, nestled on the sublime sofa, I am wishing this goblet was actually filled with bubbly!

Notice that my velvet dress melds seamlessly on this plush sofa, and that the chevron design of my dress echoes that of the pillow.  I wish I could say I planned all of these details out; I did not, at least not consciously. But the best creative synergies do sometimes happen like that!

This room brought out the best part of me. I am normally not so playful during a shoot, I will blame it on brilliant decor and the magic of Marks & Frantz.

Above photos by Gerardo Vitale  .


Now YOU MUST check out DesignLifeNetwork for full coverage of the Holiday House 2015. Here are photos from their site that I adore.

Below, and in the very spot as above, Lydia Marks and I play chess. An old game with a new friend!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Chevron Velvet Gown,  c/oWORKSHOP, 107 E.59thStreet. Topaz necklace, ruby and pearl choker from a jewelry designer who wishes to be anonymous. Costume cocktail ring c/o DJ Hart in the Hamptons. I will post a lovely alternative that is similar from D.J. Hart in a shopping post soon, and I will add lots of choices in time for A New Year’s post!  My gloves are from ebay ( only vintage fits my tiny hands) but I love these and these, too, as alternatives.

I hope this post inspired you to plan your Holiday outfits, and to perhaps inspire you also, to feather your nest a bit. Wearing and surrounding yourself with beautiful things, ( on any budget) can really elevate your mood. I may wear this for a New Year’s Eve party. Then again, maybe I will have an early, quiet dinner, get home and watch re-runs of Sex and the City – with my favorite series fresh on my mind- with Hubby, and then toast when the ball drops.  Whatever I do I will dress up and be festive!  I hope the holiday season has been wonderful so far.

The Holiday House NYC is a spectacular annual event. The proceeds go to fight breast cancer. Please do not forget to be charitable this year. It feels great to give back!

A special thank you to the Holiday House for letting me do 2 photo shoots in their amazing spaces. And a grateful thank you to Mark &Frantz for letting me feel at home in their fantastic Game Room. Also, credit to Aracely Garcia for hair and make up, without which , I would not have felt nearly as home is this super chic space. Happy Holidays to One and All.

Treat yourself to seeing more of the design talent of MarksandFrantz. Just click and prepare to be wowed, as this link takes you directly to their portfolio! Cheers!


Splendid Times!        XX, Elle        @theellediariesnyc



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