Bold Winter Mix

Hello friends. I hope you are well. In New York, like many places , we are having a #decembersummer! . If you follow me on instagram , I posted a tree in bud on Lond Island. Talk about mixed up! Here are my ideas for bold pattern mixing, inspired by my last post.

You know how much I like to mix patterns and textures. I call this exuberant style. I guess it is my trademark style, or default setting, if you will.  I do not like formulas. I hope you can relate to this style, even if it is not your own.

In Sag Harbor today, the streets were busy and outdoor cafes were bustling! I wore cropped jeans, a tee, and a stiped boho cardi. My feet were shod in perforated boots, sans socks. Many people were wearing shorts. I know it does not bode well for the planet, but it sure felt good!

How Is your December going!  Are you holiday shopping in summer clothes?

I created two sets in polyvore. I love to do this! The shopping links are here and here, from top to bottom.

Splendid Times ( and warm ones, too)        XX, Elle

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