Days before Christmas

A busy, rushy Christmas is nipping at our ( well shod)  heels.  Upended a bit by a virus, I still made it to a holiday party or two.  An office party Sunday night fell on a cold night,  so I wore my new mohair coat.

In New York, like everywhere I suppose , there is such a spectacle of lights and trees ablaze. I got a good shot next to a luminous creation of fir . ribbons and light.  Below, I was outside, just before the party when the sky was dim and the sun was sinking fast.

I do not like taking photos at office parties, so the rest of this post will be what I saw, and enjoyed this week. Funny, if the party were tonight, I might be wearing no coat at all !

Sooo, I did some window shopping. My shots of Bloomingdale’s windows follow, they were hard to take with all of the pedestrians on the street, taking photos as I was doing.  I also got a shot of another favorite place to be- Dylan’s Candy Bar! Yes, I have a sweet tooth!

More shots of Bloomingdales’ windows.  These looked best in the usual rectangle.

I did a bit if shopping at my one of my favorite local jewelry stores, KC Signatures. The jewelry I was wearing in the Gameroom post, in the room designed by MarksandFrantz  was from there.

This last photo is of my top of my dresser, where three lamps throw ethereal patterns on the wall. My room is stark white, but my camera saw it this way, and who am I to argue with the camera? A small box contains my holiday gift. Let’s see it is too small to be a blender….

My family is leaving in a bit to go the Hamptons for a long, quiet weekend, to celebrate with family and dear friends. That is the best thing about the Holidays, time to kick back and enjoy what matters most.         I don’t think I will pack a coat….

Splendid Times/ Happy Holidays!               XX, Elle     @theellediariesnyc

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