Warming UP to 2016

Hello Friends! We are now fully back on schedule, after having enjoyed the holidays! It is a bit hard coming back, no? This post is a bit overdue, but is timely nonetheless. A shot of me outdoors, in the last week of December. Warning: this is a candid shot , warts and all.

So what is special out this outfit. Answer: absolutely nothing!  I am wearing a outfit chosen solely for comfort, for a 3 hour drive back from the Hamptons into the city. So why am I posting it? Look closer. No wait, don’t- not my best photo.  Oh, well, never mind. Warts and all.

I am posting it for the same reasons, I am posting the next three shots. Now, these are pretty shots.

So by now you have figured it out. It is warm outside. I am not wearing a jacket, or socks, Only a cap in case the winds blows. It is in the sixties outside. The grass is green, some of the leaves on tress remain green, and there are flowers in bud.

I know I mentioned this on my #sleevelessChristmas post, but it is so remarkable that I wanted to post this. Am willing even, to let you see a not- too- flattering photo of moi. And to remind you that I often walk around in comfy jeans and slouchy sweaters.

Who would have thought that I would be happy to see cold weather? Today it is 16 degrees, brrr! Well, I am not quite, but I am relieved that the temps are now seasonally appropriate. I wonder what will happen to flowers and fruit tress once they have bloomed so early. Will they bear fruit in the spring?

What happens to trees that create buds, only to have their tender sleeves be met with frostbite in the early stages of blooming? What happens to merchants who had sweaters, and coats to sell this fall, and did not sell them because they were not needed. What happens to human health when the nasty bugs that come out in flu season are not held in check by the snap of winter cold?

I think we know the answers to these questions, and it is not pretty. Sorry to be so REAL on one of the first posts of 2016.  I just wanted to say I did enjoy these warm days, and I hope you like the photos I shot in Sag Harbor. 

But Let us all remember that we are fashionistas with heart and intelligence and perspective. Let us also remember we are stewards of not only our style, and our closets, but our wonderful planet that offers us a beautiful place to live and flourish.

Outfit Details: Denim Carpenter Jeans by Level 99, thrifted at LVIS. East Hampton, similar here and here from Ralph Lauren. V neck sweater here in tweed by Bella Luxx,  or similar here in heathered cashmere. My aqua knitted cap was a hand knitted gift,  but a similar one from Bloomindales is great.


Now are you wondering what lovely spot this is, where I am sitting on this warm day? It is the Gulf gas station on Long Island!

Splendid Times!!

XX, Elle                       @theellediaries.com


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