Furry Monday- a balanced approach to Fur

 Cozy should rule the day as we meander back to our work schedules. I think I will call this #furrymonday. This was taken on the East End, in our driveway, on the way to town last weekend.

I am wearing a fox fur vest purchased 3 years ago at STA on Madison Avenue. I love this vest. It is supremely warm and feather light, and I will have it long enough to pass down. Wearing real fur is something that I do; my reasoning goes like this:  Real fur will not end up in landfill creating dangerous conditions that threaten many species, including OURS.  The use of real fur verses man-made is complicated.  No can disagree that it causes suffering for small animals and that is very sad, so I do not own much, but one should be aware that many , many faux-fur items, that generally do not look well after a few washings, are often tossed in the trash. What then?

You wear it and then donate it maybe? Or maybe you throw it away?  Many items that are donated actually end up in landfill. Real fur is generally used, and re-used and then re-purposed. It seldom goes to landfill, and when it does it degrades naturally.

Synthetic fur is often made of toxic chemicals, causing a not insignificant number of respiratory illness and cancers for the people who work in the factories, or near them. These garments often end up in land fills where they do not decompose, but leach toxins into the soil that causes more cancers and pollutes water supplies. People suffer.  These manufacturing sites are not all safe, the conditions are often not well monitored.

Pollution is rampant and pungent, toxic and dangerous. People die.

You think you are doing the world a favor wearing “eco friendly” faux fur, but lets look at that.  Likely this is a much more complicated issue that you realize. It is well past time for grown ups to discuss this is a balanced way. I wont throw paint on your vest, if you will kindly return the favor. Nor will I judge, as many, ( Most?) wearers of faux-fur eat meat and wear leather shoes .

Be mindful of how your actions as a consumer affects the environment, and politics, too. I will buy things, not too often,  made in China, but I will not buy directly from China.  We have better oversight here, and the trade issues, well that is another matter, but not for this post or this blog.

I love to buy things second hand. This fur vest is second hand. I hand wash all clothing when necessary and take good care, so that my clothing is useful for years, decades, and even, sometimes, generations.  I buy things that are made to last, and sometimes it can include fast fashion items in natural fabrics, if you know what to look for.

Okay, sorry about the rant, it just came. Like most things we do, it is about moderation and judgement, and information too.  In this shot, I am wearing a plaid sweater under my vest, and under that, a shirt the color of the sky when it is sunny. My denim flares feel like a throwback from my teenage years, 40 years ago. Gosh that was tough to type!

My white barrel bag is vintage YSL, purchased second hand by my sister. I love having different shaped handbags. The shape of them can really change the proportions of an outfit. This day started out grey and then we were treated to some peach tones in the sky as it was setting, it was lovely.

I am always so happy to be outdoors when it is nice, I even like the cold when I am really dressed for it, but spring and summer are my favorite seasons. But I always love a wooded setting, or better yet, an open landscape.

When we got to town in was so quiet. Nary a soul. I love the off season in the Hamptons!

The next day, on our way back to the city, the weather was superb! The sky was as blue as my shirt. Don’t you agree? I bet you will also agree that it does NOT look like late December in the East coast!

Happy Week Ahead! Thanks for reading! Now let me know, I know that this is a loaded question, BUT, do you wear real fur or faux?  If real, is it second hand? I sincerely hope that I did not offend anyone with this post, and welcome reasonable discussion. I hope your Monday is cozy!

   XX, Elle        @theellediariesnyc






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