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Artisan Made Necklace – Add sparkle and Support Small Business!

An artisan made necklace adds sparkle! A great necklace also adds a feminine focal point and supports small business, when it is handmade by an entrepreneur. Below I am wearing the Alem Necklace by Birabiro, a talented friend of mine. 

Blogger wears artisan made necklace

I love the spin that this artisan made necklace adds to my outfit! Literally and figuratively !

I was excited to meet Lydia once again. We met earlier at a Chicos Event which you can read about here . The jewelry that she wore at this event stood out and I happily learned she had made each piece herself!  I love jewelry, as you know, and also made some necklaces many years ago. Certainly I was excited to see her again and to buy a piece of her jewelry which is so unique and bold.

 Our lunch destination was Pauls’s on Times Square which was chic and had fabulous pizza!  A shot from the restaurant.

Candlelit table

Below some photos from this wonderful lunch date; you can see Lydia and my new artisan made necklace against the lively orange sweater.

lunch date near grand central station

The bottom half of my #OOTD includes many eye-catching elements. Since the sun was refusing to shine, I  decided that I would do my best to shine a bit myself!  My stripes and sequined sweater by Little Marc Jacobs was bright, and looked well with my new necklace. Grommets trim details the skirt.

This statement piece; my artisan made necklace SHINES !

grommet trim skirt

This spherical and whimsical necklace is below, a shot I took at home.

Birabiro necklace

Artful detail is something I cherish, whether it is something I am wearing, or something that I see around me. Filigree is stark against the sky and reminds me of the necklace a bit, although this fence is linear. When I passed this fence I had to get a snap!

filagree fence in NYC


An artisan made necklace or ring can really add individuality to an outfit. I do not like to be wearing the same things that others are wearing, and I love to support small and local businesses, especially female owned businesses. Birabiro is a wonderful example of all of those things. Visit her instagram here.

You may also remember that I wore local, artisan made clothing when I visited Atlantis Cove. I bought my grommet skirt locally, and it is sold out at that location, however it is available here in red. I also love this white grommet mini here.

What are your favorite handmade items?


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32 thoughts on “Artisan Made Necklace – Add sparkle and Support Small Business!

  1. What a fun necklace – really unique! I will look up Lydia’s Instagram, thank you for introducing me to her!
    I love your fun sweater, and your lunch place looks very fanciful, and so is the gate you photographed! I also appreciate such details – it’s a pity I live in such a youthful place, which I absolutely love, but 100 years is not very long for a city architecture to mature. 🙂
    Lots of love, my dear! <3

    1. Yes I do believe you will really like her work. I agree about architecture. I love beautiful old buildings. Have a wonderful week my friend !
      ❤️ Elle

  2. The handcrafted necklace is wonderful , I follow Birabiro on IG and have always admired both her style and her jewellery. Your sweater and skirt are just perfect. I do love the ironwork gate, such a great shot too.

    1. Yes I agree her style is fabulous which does explain her gifts for making jewelry. I’m so pleased that you like the shot of the Iron gate. Sometimes beautiful things will just jump out at you !
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Thank you most sincerely. I do love this necklace and think it enhances anything that I wear. Have a great week!
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Certainly we agree on that. It isn’t always possible but it is great fun and feels good to do so !
      ❤️ Elle

  3. Elle, you are shining always! You are such a bright – and indeed beautifu – woman! The necklace is really beautiful and I love that you combined this artful piece with the wonderful sweater. You know really the right people 🙂 My favourite handmade piece maybe is a jacket I created 🙂 Have a happy Thursday!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Oh what a beautiful necklace! So nice you go to catch up with and have lunch with the creator too!

    I have a couple handmade pieces from ladies I found on instagram and I treasure them! 🙂

    Hope you are having a good week so far! After being so busy last week, I’m enjoying a relatively quieter week and looking forward to the Easter long weekend.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. I am glad that you also have some beautiful pieces that you found from Instagram friends. I hope you and your family enjoyed your Easter celebration!
    ❤️ Elle

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