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Dresses for Easter : Be Bold and Bright!

Dresses for Easter are typically pastel and feminine,  and I am a fan of them. But this year, with the long, cold winter and flowers yet to bloom, I chose a vivid print dress. In fact,  if you look closely there is sort of an Easter egg pattern as part of this print.

Dresses for Easter can be Bold.

Lets dress outside the box this season, says I standing outside the box of the painting I did years ago.  Because the landscape has been so dismal,  choose to be bright and add flowers inside!

dresses for Easter

This is an older dress and is not trendy.  Made of polyester something, LOL,  it is not one of my finer pieces. But I will be cooking and serving, so this dress is easy peasy. If I spill sauce or wine, no problem ! It is forgiving and comfortable. Dresses for Easter, or any special occasion, should feel good on !

Above and below,  I am fussing with flowers. I would like to say they are fresh but they are artificial. Since I am immune suppressed, I try to avoid the bacteria that collects in the water just 2 days of the flowers gracing my tables. Oh well! These are from a small and locally owned shop near me; a bunch of these realistic looking blooms are just $25.00! So very beautiful and a dead ringer to the natural ones!

realistic fake flowers

realistic looking fake flower arragement

Cool fact! I was watching the Good Wife last year and saw the same yellow vase in “Alicia’s ” house. Happy coincidence ! I bought this at TJ Maxx 3 summers ago.  I try to shop small, but I do love this store! Especially their home goods section!  Below a shot of my thrifted scarf, made of velvet and satin and trimmed in  soft pom poms.

I bought this teal treasure for $3.00 at LVIS in East Hampton!  You know about this source from this post. This is my all time favorite haunt; the selection of merchandise is very upscale and the people who work there are so lovely. Further, the proceeds benefit the historical sights, green lands, and the educational system in this charming village. East Hampton is not so “uppity” as one would think, it is a beautiful spot and more diverse and friendly that you might imagine from reading society magazines .

See below for more shots of the scarf and flowers from Extraordinary! These were such fun to take! The large bracelet is also from LVIS.

pom pom trimmed scarf

Below, you can see two decorated eggs I have. One is onyx, and the other hand painted on wood from Etsy years ago. This is an Easter themed post ! Photographed are both bracelets I wore that day,  while trying on clothes and getting the house spruced up for company. I did go to dinner that night wearing this, and my camel coat.

decorative eggs

photo of flowers

In the first picture you can see that I am standing in front of a painting. I created that years ago in my first attempt at painting. I was having troubling shortness of breath and wanted to distract myself. Not sure that I liked it I stashed it under the my bed, until a decorator friend thought it was by the same painter as another piece in my house . She insisted and I acquiesced . It is now finally hung and no longer collecting dust. I would love to paint more, but some of the paints have toxic ingredients .

This yellow vase looks pretty everywhere. This I determined by taking it to three different rooms.

woman in print dress

Do you see the “Easter Egg” shapes on the dress? This was coincidental but fortuitous. Now perhaps you are wondering what shoes I am wearing. Certainly you know that I am not wearing the trending white booties. However, I am wearing a three-year old pair that I love, and that can take the dirt and dings from a Manhattan street ! Seen below with the vase,  that has managed to take center stage of this blog post!  I do love this porcelain piece,,the sunny yellow always brings a smile to my face.

cap toe white booties

Assuming you celebrate , what dresses for Easter have caught your eye?

What do you plan to wear and do?


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28 thoughts on “Dresses for Easter : Be Bold and Bright!

  1. Your egg is from India – we used to sell them in the shop I worked at years ago. 🙂 I love the reminder to wear bright! You can’t egg-aggerate (har har, I couldn’t resist!) what a positive impact colour will have on us to brighten our moods as well as our outsides. I love that you’re wearing a cheap dress, Elle – if it fits the function, it’s a great piece. You look amazing – thank you for all the wonderful close-ups. I love seeing the detail in the pieces. I think a lot of us fashionistas revel in the details, don’t you? A very Happy Easter to you, my dear!

    1. That is a fun coincidence .
      I am so sorry about your lungs,
      If I may, what is your diagnosis?
      Much love, Elle

  2. Wow, what a colorful outfit! Perfect for the occasion. I know how exciting it is to see something in your home on TV: shortly after we bought a new refrigerator, my wife jumped up and down, pointing to the television: we got the same one that appears on “Two And A Half Men.”

  3. Your bracelet and scarf are lovely and so unique! I’ll have to check out the LVIS shop this summer when I’m out that way. Do you ever go to the ARF thrift shop? I didn’t see it last summer, I don’t know if it moved or closed. And I agree about the Hamptons, while there *are* fancy mucky-muck types, there are a lot of “regular” people, too 🙂 And the towns are so charming and the beaches and landscape lovely.

    Have a nice holiday!


    1. Yes, you must! Maybe I can meet you there! ARF is still around, but it moved and the prices went up, but still a great place to shop and a great cause!
      ❤️ Elle

  4. Love this! I agree, there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing in bold colors for Easter! If you love it and are rocking it with confidence, everyone else will just wish they had a bold colored dress on.

    Emily Kay ||

  5. You look perfect. Again. And indeed these flowers look very real. They fooled me. A very good solution for you.
    What am I wearing this easter? Hmm.. green jogging trousers with a silver side line. Black sweater and red brooch. Oh and sock slippers. No visitors. We had friends over on Saturday, but we don’t often dress up for each other. The men feel uncomfortable. Alas.

    1. Perfect, no, happy and festive, yes, and your outfit sounds fabulous, chic and comfortable…just right!
      ❤️ Elle

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