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Tips For Fashionistas on a Budget: Thrifty tips that save BIG

 Today I share tips for fashionistas on a budget! I respect the hard earned dollar and know you do also!

I write often about being a savvy and conscientious consumer. Today I share my favorite savvy tip.  Shop late in the season!. For instance buy winter clothes right NOW! Just as everyone is snapping up spring fashions, shop now for huge savings.  I illustrate this point with a  sweater dress festooned with faux fur shoulders, purchased new and locally for $12.99!

faux fur trimmed dress

This super soft and cozy dress will be perfect for many seasons ahead. I have seen next years runway shows, as you have, and know that faux fur and feather trimmed apparel  will be on point. More importantly, it is a dress that while trendy, is a piece that I can see myself wearing even as this trend tapers down a bit.

We fashionistas on a budget have many tools to save!

Buying second hand in one great option, and buying online at off-price sites like Lastcall , Saks Off,  and Overstock are good choices too. These sites feature current season merchandise and respected brands at good discounts. Flash sale sites like Gilt and Zulily. com  offer up some great savings too.

My handbag was purchased at a local off-price store many years ago. How about this faceted and multi-colored  lucite clasp! I paid under $30.00 for it.

jeweled clasp bag

This snowy week was a challenge. Shimmering snowfall is beautiful to see, but so much of the blissful white stuff makes walking outside tricky.  These photos were taken indoors,  and I used an app to create backgrounds from photos I took, to make the shots more interesting. Behind me in some of the shots is a Miu Miu bag from Bloomingdales. I loved the display and incorporated it. Below another shot in montage form.

faux fur for OOTD

Focusing on the unusual faux fur sleeve in the shot below. This detail is sort of rare.

Faux fur fashion dress

Below some shopping finds for fashionistas on a budget!


1/ Armani faux fur jacket- $65.00  2/ Laundry Puffer Jacket– $38.50  3/ Vinyl look faux fur trimmed jacket on SALE  for $41.00 4/  Chenille and faux fur trimmed jacket  $39.99         —– All well under $100.00 !


finds for fashionistas on a budget


More Fun finds!  1/ only $67.00 for this Max Studio faux-fur in merlot  2 /multi-color pastel scarf only $27.00 !  3/ Miu Miu faux shearling platform sandal half price and current for $427.00  4/ Haute Hippie cream fur vest is 61% off. 

faux fur for fashionistas on a budget


Only some examples of hundreds of thousands of bargains awaiting your purchase. Remember to try to shop small and with longevity in mind. Fashionistas on a budget  — you have some fun exploring to do! Stay warm! Spring is here, they say!

What has been your most recent savvy snag?

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22 thoughts on “Tips For Fashionistas on a Budget: Thrifty tips that save BIG

  1. Wow, that is a stunning dress, and I adore the unusual faux fur cap sleeves! How fun, and look at you, Ms. Bargain! Sassy and classy! Good advice on the shopping – I shop all year-round for all seasons too!

    1. Thanks Sheila. I just feel that there is increasing pressure to buy the most trendy things out there and that it is a costly habit! I love the way you shop and style !
      ❤️ Elle

    1. Yes I agree, next fall will come around very quickly and in the winter clothes are so costly that it makes sense to buy now ! Happy week !
      ❤️ Elle

  2. These tips make me sigh as they are no good for a European girl. The shipping snd customs ruin this for me. Your dress is fantastic. Elegant, unique (in a good way), classy .. so many things. What a good purchase.

    1. I am so sorry. You do have eBay there though don’t you? You know what the simple solution is though don’t you? Come to New York !!!
      ❤️ Elle

  3. Yes shopping at the end of the season is a great way to save money. Only thing is our sizes tend to sell out quickly as so few are ordered. That dress is so fun like the faux fur shoulders. And that is pretty cool! Yes snow can you believe it. But sunny and 60 this Thursday so spring is on it’s way!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

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