Tie a Bow

Happy Thursday! I hope you are well and readying for the weekend! Today I am wearing a classic camel coat, with a bright blue shirt, and a satin sash,  tied in a bow.

I had almost forgotten how comfortable light wool trousers are. Mine are Armani and are many seasons past. I added a bit of zip to the outfit with the faux pony hair pumps, again seasons past. They are from Payless.

My blue shirt makes me happy and has help up well through the years. It is by Anne Fontaine and their shirts last forever, or it seems. I tied a bow, and added a bit of decoration to this shirt with a sash from a dress. I love to re purpose!  Why go out a buy a skinny scarf if you have one in your closet. I bet you do!

Hello… Are you my Uber driver?  🙂

My bag needs some explanation. It is Jason Wu from the Spring 2013 collection. I recently found it at Encore on Madison Avenue. I decided to try a necklace over this bag for a few pics, and I like it, but the other photos without the necklace- it is lovely as is!!- were lost to bad light. I got so many compliments on it, I kept wearing it.

I guess I was thinking that the Christmas lights are still up, why not add some sparkle. It was such a grey day! I will not wear this together again, as it may scratch the bag, but this was fun for a photo shoot! I got spades of compliments from passersby.

Who says New Yorkers are not friendly!

Here is a snap of the bag in my windowsill! It came with a matching leather handle, and it is, um, somewhere….

You that follow know that I love distinctive bags. Round bags are my favorite shape. Which may explain my love for Krispy Kremes, which I can’t see to find anymore.  What are your favorite shapes for a handbag? Favorite Color? I know these are not weighty questions, but I seemed to have put my gravitas on the shelf, perhaps right next to the blue leather strap handle!


Please go to my Polyvore page for shopping links! I am sorry I could not find anything more like the Jason Wu bag, I looked and looked! Maybe this is why it takes me so long to make a post! Many thanks to Gerardo Vitale for photos!

Thanks for reading! XX, Elle              @theellediariesnyc




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