The Camel Coat for Winter: Shop It

Hello Monday! I don’t know about you, but I love to do some internet browsing on Mondays. It lifts my mood. If I come away with a great piece of clothing that I need, then double the treat! Even with an empty cart,  I always find something that inspires me.

As promised is a shopping post for the Camel Coat, via polyvore. Please check my polyvore page for links.

Guess what! It is snowing in NYC! ( I am writing this Sunday night!) Winter is here, indeed!
 Out my window is a stream of fat flakes against a teal sky!  Beautiful! 

Styling tips: “camel” come on many shades, from taupe to hues with more gold. Find the shade that is best for your coloring. If you still don’t find it, then add a scarf in a color that looks good against your skin. I love blues and greens, and even eggshell is pretty. Rosy pink, ala Pantone’s Rose Quartz, is pretty too, especially with a coat that reads more taupe. Remember the longer the coat is, the warmer it will be!

Have a wonderful week ahead, and stay toasty and dry! ( or cool, if you are in your summer season!) Have you found your perfect camel coat?

XX, Elle                   @theellediaries

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