Enchanted: #the Butterfly Trend

It is hard not to swoon when you see richly embellished leather and denim, with fabulous embellishments of flowers and butterflies. The high-end pieces are a lust-must!  But for the rest of us, we improvise.

I added three beautifully crafted butterfly pins to my sleeveless vest and voilá !  Somewhat of a Gucci Hack , or perhaps Valentino. My scarf print blouse also added some fabulous pattern and I toned down the look with a vintage ( I think?) wicker and leather bag.

Then I kicked it back up a bit, with ruffled canvas and leather booties by Laurence Decade.  If you are not familiar with this brand, please take note.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that I am sitting on a sumptuous chair, in rich crossed dyed velvet at Elite Home.

I love the way these simple, but beautifully crafted, butterfly pins add to the outfit. I love how decorative they are,  and how versatile, too! A perfect addition to my sleeveless vest bought last year at Workshop: 

Workshop Leathers

107 E 59th St,

Manhattan, NY 10022

(212) 688-1946

My booties came from there as well.

Outside I met a new friend, she is the woman behind “PunkRockGranny”  who celebrates ageless style and fashion and runs a great Etsy shop, and she snapped this photo of me, at my request, Yes, I sometimes ask strangers to take my pictures, and see what can happen! I love her site!

Please forgive the artifacts of mid-day sun! The colors are washed out, but you can see the whole outfit, and I am glad of it!

I love the butterfly pins! The can be added to fabric bags, denim, and lightweight handbags. Look how cool these can be!

Added to a lace and denim jacket from Workshop.

Pinned to a damask vintage bag from Retreat Boutique in Bridgehampton.

A single pin to the chain of a pleated silk Gucci bag. I would love these also on the cuffs of a great pair of jeans.

I do love the Valentino and Gucci pieces embroidered with flowers, and butterflies, but the price point is a bit, um.., beyond. I found these near me ( of course, local shopper that I am-  and you can call them and have them sent, if you like)  They are $20 each and because they are pins they can be added to many things, They came from a favorite local haunt, Extraordinary. They truly do offer just that, all that is exceptional.

Pinned to an embroidered silk and linen shawl .

 How they would look if i glued them to the wicker and leather bag I carried.

And back to the outfit we go. My very first selfie! Do you see what I see?

And a snap just of the vest, blouse and brooches.

A shot of my wicker bag. I love the combination of wicker and leather for handbags. My favs of course are Hermes and Mark Cross. But a more affordable option can be had here and here. As well, there are many on Etsy. com. I think I may need to get a couple of these…

Well I have given you a lot of shopping information, just in time for the weekend sales! Tell me, have you seen the embellished pieces from Gucci and Valentino? Are they not fabulous! I am glad I can wear Gucci children’s! What embellished pieces have caught your eye? Have you been inspired to try a DIY to get a similar affect? For more inspiration of this topic, please see this post from here .

Enjoy the weekend lovelies!

Your comments make my day !