Stand Tall : Pretty Stilettos and Block Heels

I love this season’s shoes, the gorgeous #stilettos , with every kind of embellishment, and simple lovely shapes as well. Block Heels are trending, too, and I am glad! From my Polyvore Page:

However, I am reluctant to wear this type of shoe. I try to keep the heel height no higher than 3 inches. Adding a platform can help! The city presents all kinds of problems for fashionistas to walk. The sidewalks are uneven, littered, and then there are problems such as these:

I mean, can you IMAGINE!

I am sure you have these obstacles in your town too, but the city streets are so difficult to traverse. I could have taken hundreds of such shots, but you get the idea! So, when possible I choose a block heel shoe. There are so many this year to choose from, but are more choices fromPolyvore .

And below the links, which are clickable only on my Polyvore pages. Consider these a quick “where to get these ” snaps,  great for inspiration!

How do you city gals cope? Suburban ladies can travel by car, and I sometimes do that too, but I so prefer to walk. Also, which style of shoe do you like best!  Let me know- you know how!


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